Sash! tour this this winter (you know you want to)

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For many ITMers well-trained in late-night Rage viewing, Sash! and their host of gloriously ‘90s videos will need no introduction. Encore Une Fois, Ecuador, Stay and Adelante were just a few of the German production team’s home runs, and this winter the double-keyboard-ruling Sash! frontman Sascha Lappessen is paying us a visit.

Lappessen actually played in Surfers Paradise over the weekend, but his main run of dates is happening in July. A new Sash! album is still on the cards, but you can be sure he’ll be servicing your nostalgic needs. Refresh your memory or begin a new Euro love affair with the Sash! mega-mix below.

Confirmed tour dates; more to come:

Friday 22 July – Billboard, Melbourne
Saturday 23 July – The Roxy, Parramatta

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