Splendour In The Grass 2011 tickets on sale today + banking dramas

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The Splendour organisers have issued this note about banking issues:

“There’s a widespread issue with Westpac bank today Westpac are the bank ‘gateway’ by which ticket payments are processed, so this has caused big delays with early sales. Moshtix have now switched to a different bank gateway and sales should improve soon, if not already.

Next issue is that it seems Westpac and possibly St George credit cards MAY NOT WORK TODAY. We are doing everything we can to sort this out, but as you can see from the news story above, this Westpac problem is well beyond our control.

Just confirming that Westpac and St George credit cards CANNOT be used to purchase tickets due to the Westpac glitch. Transactions with these cards are being rejected and are holding up the sales process. Please use other cards. The payment gateway has now switched to another bank and sales should proceed more smoothly soon.

The cards/banks that will be affected are:
Westpac VISA, MasterCard and Debit
Potentially St George and Heritage as well.
Please do NOT use these credit cards. They are causing delays in the system due to transaction rejections.”

While this year’s Splendour In The Grass festival lineup doesn’t offer quite the same riches for dance fans as in previous outings there’s still plenty of goodies on offer to pull in electronic fans including appearances from James Blake, DJ Shadow, Friendly Fires and a one-off performance from Kanye West. And of course there’s the winning festival atmosphere itself! With that in mind we thought it best to point out that Splendour tickets are on sale today! As in right now!

Tickets for Splendour In The Grass 2011 go on sale as of 9am this morning through Moshtix.

Taking place once again at the beautiful Woodfordia, tickets to Splendour will cost $390 (inc gst) Event + $120 (inc gst) Camping + booking fees, which gains entry to the festival for 3 days, from Friday 29 July to Sunday 31 July.

If you’re going to be stuck in a permanent state of page-refreshing and waiting this morning, relive last year’s Splendour fun in ITM’s photo gallery below!



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thesuntoucher said on the 5th May, 2011

Just got tickets for my brother. Such a pain as always, but actually must say a little less stressful than usual. I can't tell whether it would make a difference if they moved it from Moshtix to someone like ticketek, but I think something needs to be done. Too many crashes and underestimation of the traffic seems to happen every year.


deepbeetzz said on the 5th May, 2011

On the morning of ticket sales, they advise not to use two of the major banks credit cards, just use another one, as long as you have another one, have access to another one, and have a few hundred dollars spare on another one. What a joke the ticketing for this event has become, every year there is a fck up of some sort and people get screwed. Fix it, BDO and other large festivals can manage to get it done.


Doddsy said on the 5th May, 2011

What a joke, the tickets went on sale from 9pm and at 12.29 was I able to purchase tickets. I almost gave up after being kicked out of the purchasing process three times and haveing to "try again" every 30 for over 3 hours.


Suspekt said on the 5th May, 2011

Sounds like they might need to release a few extra tickets for Westpac customers. Shame if people miss out on a festival due to their choice of bank and nothing else... or maybe splendour should delay ticket sales? Just a thought...


Weqster said on the 5th May, 2011

Got my tickets lazily in the afternoon. wasnt even planning on going :)