Metronomy coming down for summer?

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UK eccentrics Metronomy have just dropped off their latest batch of oddball electronic pop-tunes with The English Riviera, with that record already spawning a slew of big remixes from Moonlight Matters, Fred Falke and the Erol Alkan remix which Digitalism opened their ITM-FM mix with.

To continue their current hot streak Metronomy are now eyeing a return to Australian clubs with a visit over our summer party season apparently on the cards.

Speaking to ITM’s sister rockers FasterLouder recently, Metronomy frontman Joe Mount dropped hints about some upcoming tour plans around the New Year’s stretch.

“Absolutely, I guess we’ve known for a little while that we’ll been coming out,” Mount admitted. “I think we’re gonna be there around New Years and maybe a couple of weeks afterwards, I’m not sure when it’ll be announced. We will come back and we will continue to come back until we’re told to fuck off.”

We’ll continue to wait for word on how those tour plans shape up (could it be Field Day? Falls Festival?), especially considering we’ve got more than a few months of wait time between now and then. In the meantime you can check out that Erol mix that everyone’s losing their shiz over below.


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MitchhctiM said on the 23rd May, 2011

Very average second album but I'd probably still see them.


cheechvda said on the 23rd May, 2011

was a bit disapointed with this album.Its good music none the lessit just lacks the sound and originality that everyone fell in love with on the first album.


daverh said on the 23rd May, 2011

Thought the same thing, but give it some repeated listens and it starts to get amazing. Also it's their 3rd.

Kid A

Kid A said on the 23rd May, 2011

"Very average" seems harsh. I agree with 'cheechvda' in that it lacks the quirk and originality of the first album, but it's a really beautifully crafted album sonically. More-so than the first, I think, whilst maybe being a bit more restrained/less adventurous. Melodically, I guess it's fairly similar. Still dig.

Kid A

Kid A said on the 23rd May, 2011

Oh yeah: by first, i meant "nights out" (second). sillybilly.


cheechvda said on the 23rd May, 2011

im a silly billy also


Ruskhouse said on the 23rd May, 2011

YES. new album is fucking amazing