Henry Saiz brings Balance to Australian clubs

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After some truly illustrious entries into the Balance mix series from the likes of Joris Voorn, James Holden and Nick Warren, the Balance crew backed another winner with the curator for Balance 019, picking Spanish production maverick Henry Saiz to steer the ship.

With Balance 019 set to bow in stores and on stereos on June 10th we’ve now got good news for followers of the compilation series, with Saiz booked for an Australian club tour on the back of his standout mix.

Adding a little Spanish heat to the Australian winter, Saiz will drop into a handful of local clubs on his Balance visit, showing off plenty of melodic studio tinkerings from his double disc effort as whatever else is floating his boat at that moment. Without a doubt these will be some special nights out.

Henry Saiz 2011 Australian tour dates:

Friday July 22nd @ Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne
Saturday July 23rd @ CHA Boat Party, Brisbane
Saturday July 23rd @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney



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richcur said on the 31st May, 2011

"floats his boat" lols

ben russell

ben russell said on the 31st May, 2011

Shit yeah. Out of interest, is his surname pronounced 'saze', 'size' or 'sez'?


PSD4 said on the 31st May, 2011

In his radio show he pronounces it something like 'psy-eth'.


DANCINGDI said on the 31st May, 2011

Looking forward to this !! I thought it sounded like Saith ?? we will have to get it right before he gets here. :loL:


sizmos said on the 31st May, 2011

epic! btw id say "sayith" z is pronounced "th" its a spanish thing as with ibiza being ibitha


Yakk372 said on the 31st May, 2011

It's more like sci-ith (sci as in science, ith like is with the same consonant sound as thorn). If you listen to his Labyrinth shows (which are mostly amazing), he says it himself.

Edit: Have I mentioned how excited I am? He announced the tracklist on facebook a couple of months ago, and I couldn't wait then.