The Presets push back third LP

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Previously pledging a 2011 release for their third album, Modular electro big guns The Presets are now advising that no one hold their breath on seeing any time soon. Ouch.

When asked by triple j to confirm that the launch would take place this year, a candid Kim Moyes answered frankly; “look, hopefully but probably not. It’s going to be good. It’s been a long hard slog but I think it’s going to be better than the last record. But I really liked Apocalypso so I don’t know.”

Last we spoke, Moyes and Julian Hamilton had us doing the robot in joyous anticipation of their 2011 comeback from their Apocalypso success. It was all to begin with a sneak peek of new material at the Future Music Festival, followed by the launch of a new album in the “third quarter” of the year. The first stage came and went, and we glowingly babbled about the Aussie dance duo who could handle a live gig with finesse, transforming club hits into venerable music belted out on live instruments. If those shows and also some new material premièred over in the US are anything to go by the wait will likely be worth it.


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mlirosi said on the 24th Jun, 2011

even if its half as good as Apocalypso it will be hugeeeeeee!!!


mjm_fm said on the 24th Jun, 2011

booooooo. hurry up already!


polite_society said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Thought it was going to be a Gloria Gaynor cover there for a second.