triple j’s Hottest 100 Australian albums poll down to the wire

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Now into the second week of its countdown, triple j’s Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time poll has revealed some interesting, if not too surprising results on what local long players alternative music fans hold nearest and dearest to their hearts.

To go along with the obvious nods like John Farnham, Crowded House and Nick Cave, the Australian album poll has seen big entries from Australian electronic acts like Pendulum, Cut Copy and Pnau scattered throughout the list. Now we’re at the business end of the competition with triple j this week revealing the top 20– and now we’re onto the final 10 – results including nods to Tame Impala’s still fresh Innerspeaker record, Gotye for his magnificent Like Drawing Blood and Unit, Regurgitator’s goofy magnum opus. With so few spots left to play with it’s anyone’s guess where The Presets will end up with their sure-to-be popular Apocalypso LP and whether or not The AvalanchesSince I Left You (the industry voted #1) will get snubbed for a Powderfinger album.

UPDATE: The Avalanches and The Presets are in the countdown now at #9 and #7 respectively. What chance of Muscles sneaking in…?

The Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time (listener’s choice)
#7 Apocalypso – The Presets
#8 Wolfmother – Wolfmother
#9 Since I Left You – The Avalanches
#10 Unit – Regurgitator
#11 Like Drawing Blood – Gotye
#12 Guide to Better Living – Grinspoon
#13 Crowded House – Crowded House
#14 Vulture Street – Powderfinger
#15 Slightly Odway – Jebediah
#16 The Hard Road – Hilltop Hoods
#17 Eternal Nightcap – The Whitlams
#18 Woodface – Crowded House
#19 Innerspeaker – Tame Impala
#20 Conditions – The Temper Trap
#21 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – Midnight Oil
#22 Diorama – Silverchair
#23 The Calling – Hilltop Hoods
#24 Sunrise Over Sea – The John Butler Trio
#25 Get Born – Jet
#26 Hourly, Daily – You Am I
#27 Neon Ballroom – Silverchair
#28 The Cat Empire – The Cat Empire
#29 The Sound of White – Missy Higgins
#30 Themata – Karnivool
#31 Down the Way – Angus & Julia Stone
#32 Universes – Birds of Tokyo
#33 Diesel and Dust – Midnight Oil
#34 Memories & Dust – Josh Pyke
#35 Hi Fi Way – You Am I
#36 In Ghost Colours – Cut Copy
#37 Highly Evolved – The Vines
#38 A Book Like This – Angus & Julia Stone
#39 Birds of Tokyo – Birds of Tokyo
#40 Echolalia – Something for Kate
#41 Double Allergic – Powderfinger
#42 East – Cold Chisel
#43 Freak Show – Silverchair
#44 Tu-Plang – Regurgitator
#45 Sound Awake – Karnivool
#46 Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun
#47 Black Fingernails, Red Wine – Eskimo Joe
#48 Ivy and the Big Apples – Spiderbait
#49 Whispering Jack – John Farnham
#50 The New Normal – Cog
#51 I Believe You Liar – Washington
#52 Murder Ballads – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
#53 Three – The John Butler Trio
#54 Tea & Sympathy – Bernard Fanning
#55 Blue Sky Mining – Midnight Oil
#56 Bliss Release – Cloud Control
#57 The Honeymoon Is Over – The Cruel Sea
#58 New Detention – Grinspoon
#59 As Day Follows Night – Sarah Blasko
#60 We Are Born – Sia
#61 Hold Your Colour – Pendulum
#62 Cruel Guards – The Panics
#63 Grand National – The John Butler Trio
#64 Polyserena – george
#65 Cold Chisel – Cold Chisel
#66 Running on Air – Bliss N Eso
#67 Flying Colours – Bliss N Eso
#68 The Experiment – Art vs. Science
#69 Gossip – Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls
#70 Young Modern – Silverchair
#71 Beams – The Presets
#72 Beautiful Sharks – Something For Kate
#73 Highway To Hell – AC/DC
#74 The Overture & The Underscore – Sarah Blasko
#75 Living In The 70s – Skyhooks
#76 Human Frailty – Hunters & Collectors
#77 Immersion – Pendulum
#78 Lovers – The Sleepy Jackson
#79 Gravity Won’t Get You High – The Grates
#80 (I’m) Stranded – The Saints
#81 Feeler – Pete Murray
#82 Up All Night – The Waifs
#83 Wonder – Lisa Mitchell
#84 16 Lovers Lane – The Go-Betweens
#85 State Of The Art – Hilltop Hoods
#86 This Is The Warning – Dead Letter Circus
#87 A Song Is A City – Eskimo Joe
#88 Imago – The Butterfly Effect
#89 Pnau – Pnau
#90 The Long Now – Children Collide
#91 Gilgamesh – Gypsy & The Cat
#92 A Man’s Not A Camel – Frenzal Rhomb
#93 Moo, You Bloody Choir – Augie March
#94 Everything Is True – Paul Dempsey
#95 Stoneage Romeos – Hoodoo Gurus
#96 Paging Mr. Strike – Machine Gun Fellatio
#97 Begins Here – The Butterfly Effect
#98 The Boatman’s Call – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
#99 Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills – Grinspoon
#100 Two Shoes – The Cat Empire

Check out the results so far at the Hottest 100 website, and get debating in the comments below.


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theHordern said on the 29th Jun, 2011

is it just me or are art vs science absolute aids for the ears? and not even good aids, the ones you get from kmart...


daverh said on the 29th Jun, 2011

Should be interesting to see where this one goes. Obviously the public vote is very, how do I put this nicely...., broad. Pete Murray? Oy. But I reckon that the Cutters lads are going to rank well!


cizza said on the 29th Jun, 2011

Hordern youre right. I dont get Art vs Science. The worst sort of aids that throws sars at passers by. But, the kids love em. It makes me sick. With sars.

And yes, fingers crossed for some Cutters love! My bet is on Powderfinger. Avalanches should def be up there.


Purpose said on the 29th Jun, 2011

Art vs science are aids but i've seen them put on a fairly good show and the crowds a great atmostphere which is hard to find these days so good on them.


daverh said on the 30th Jun, 2011

This. I became a believer after seeing them live.


Funkedub said on the 30th Jun, 2011

If Itch-ee Kitch-ee Koo doesn't make that list then i will have officially lost all faith in the average JJJ listener (not that i had much/ any faith in themanyway)


cizza said on the 30th Jun, 2011

I've decided Silverchairs "Frogstomp" should be up there as well.


Funkedub said on the 7th Jul, 2011

There's like ... 10 bands that make up the entire list ... well done JJJ fans ... well done


beyondandabove said on the 7th Jul, 2011

If that's the best we can come up with a nation that's a pretty sad indication, Washington in there already! C'mon Tame Impala that high! Art V Science are shit on record but live they are lots of fun but it's not a list of hottest 100 live bands.


Weinertron said on the 7th Jul, 2011

about 80% of that list is aids. The last 3 (Gurge, Gotye and Grinspoon) have been excellent pics though. Gives me some hope for the top 10 (except for the inevitable Powderfinger entry)


Weinertron said on the 7th Jul, 2011

EDIT: Crowded House is win also


Jimmy255 said on the 7th Jul, 2011

Sif not be loving Chisel and Farnsey on there


camlv said on the 7th Jul, 2011

I reckon that there will be some Muse and Radiohead action in the top 10


Chillin said on the 7th Jul, 2011

Sif Hold Your Colour isnt in the top 20 at least


macc4 said on the 7th Jul, 2011

you can dance to all of this music, why single out pendulum?


daverh said on the 7th Jul, 2011

they made it in twice?


cizza said on the 8th Jul, 2011

Grr i had hoped Since I Left You would be a little higher than #9 but still a great effort!


mischa21 said on the 8th Jul, 2011

Why would Washington be in there at all? - this is the hottest 100 albums of all time not the last 12 months....

special ed

special ed said on the 8th Jul, 2011

im going silverchair 'frog stomp'. to top it unfortunately

special ed

special ed said on the 8th Jul, 2011

actually could be ac/dc 'back in black', possibly

special ed

special ed said on the 11th Jul, 2011

powderfinger - odyssey number 5... really? voting demographic must've been awesome :|

and inxs' 'kick' is their only entry!?!?!
ummm.. wheres' inxs 'the swing'

clueless fkn kids


Funkedub said on the 11th Jul, 2011

yea ... nah ... should've seen it coming really