Sensation floors Amsterdam: the report

Image for Sensation floors Amsterdam: the report

The jewel in the crown of dance giants ID&T, Sensation is one event guaranteed to make jaws drop. While the large-scale parties are now staged all around the world, home will always be The Netherlands. So, how do you wow the Dutch, year in, year out? Well, as Sensation Innerspace proved over the weekend, you just keep going bigger.

On Saturday 2 July, the Amsterdam Arena was transformed into a spectacular landscape of white, with a strict dress code enforced (“if you are not dressed in white you are not admitted to the event area,” the event info warned).

Sold out well in advance, Sensation Innerspace bore all the hallmarks of ID&T: a colossal, lavishly-designed stage to house the DJs (the inspiration this time looked to be the lotus flower), state-of-the-art lighting and lasers, theatrics all night long from performers and dancers, and powerful sound. As you can see from the photo gallery below, the extravagant surroundings were matched by beautiful party people from the Netherlands and beyond.

With production on the scale of Sensation, you need DJs comfortable commanding a vast room, and Innerspace certainly had that covered. Headliners of the future AN21 and Max Vangeli took things past midnight, while deeper into the night seasoned crowd-pleasers Fedde le Grand and Martin Solveig went back-to-back.

Hometown heroes Afrojack and Sander Van Doorn then took the party past peaktime till dawn. Afrojack himself uploaded the below video of his final track before handing over to Sander a bit before 5am. You might recognise this one…

Sander was also keen to make use of the in-booth camera, posting this minute-long snippet from his set. It’s certainly a dizzying view!

Already some high-quality videos have surfaced that capture the immense atmosphere of Sensation Innerspace. The first shows the dazzling opening, while the second sees Fedde le Grand and Martin Solveig bringing a dash of drum & bass to Amsterdam Arena. Prepare to be awed.