New Order has “no future”

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Like any good bust-up, the rift between the members of New Order has been agonisingly drawn out over the years with fresh conflicts and new wounds opened up as the former friends air their dirty laundry in public – or at least over the internet. But despite the divisions and bickering it always seemed like there was hope for a reconciliation between New Order’s three main powers (and Joy Division survivors) Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris, but as it turns out such optimism is misplaced as the band themselves have admitted there’s “no future” left for New Order.

Speaking to The Guardian in a feature this week (with Hooky interviewed separately from his old bandmates) the former creative forces behind New Order set the record straight about the dissolution of the iconic Manchester band with singer/guitarist Sumner citing Hook’s purchase of the naming rights to The Haçienda and his recent Joy Division tribute tours as the straws that broke the camel’s back.

“Too many things have been said and done,” Sumner said in the interview. “We’ve spent all our life as an outfit with principles and ideals and what Peter has done goes against everything we’ve stood for. There was a way back from that other stuff. But not with what he’s doing with Joy Division. Peter could have done a lot of things and we could still be friends, but now he’s taking our actual heritage just like he took the Haçienda. It’s hardly surprising we’re so angry about it.”

Never one to remain quiet, New Order’s former bassist responded in typically Hookyian fashion, explaining that the end of New Order was much simpler; “the truth is Bernard’s a twat and he always has been”.

Though it’s easy to put shit on Hooky, his statements in the feature are often frank and considered with a noticeable lament present when speaking about New Order’s implosion.

“We were important to people,” he said. “Kids were born and people were buried to our music. I know that our all bickering physically hurts the fans and destroys what they loved. We did actually do something wonderful. And not just with one group, but with two.”

The whole feature is well worth a read to hear war stories about playing with Miles Davis, soldering their own gear together and some honest assertions about the latest New Order/Joy Division compilation Total, of which drummer Morris glibly said “it is true that the record company are always thinking of new ways to flog New Order to people”.

We’d say RIP New Order but if we’ve learnt nothing else from this saga it’s that there’s surely not really over.