Afrojack’s artist album on the way

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For all the movers and shakers of 2011 it’s Dutch production gun Afrojack that’s caught nearly everyone’s attention with his Grammy win, superstar hook-ups and relentless touring schedule that’s seen him shake through Ibiza and – by the time the 2011 Stereosonic festival rolls around – hit Australia three times in a year.

If all that’s not enough to sate your insatiable hunger for more ‘froji then you’re in luck as the 23 (!!) year old star is getting ready to sink his teeth into the production of the first Afrojack artist album.

“I’m doing, on average, eight gigs a week, sometimes in different countries on the same day,” Afrojack told Spinner about finding the time to bunker down in the studio to work on the album. “Us producers and DJs perform all summer long and then go back in the studio in September. I’m actually starting my own album in September. I know I’m going to start it, but I don’t have a contract or a label or anything. I just start doing it and there are going to be some cool artists on that.”

Translation: Paris Hilton is involved. Ahem. The whole interview with Afrojack is pretty interesting with bits about upgrading to private jets and working with Timbaland on David Guetta’s new album, so you can check it out here. In the meantime you can hear/see Afrojack’s latest jam with Steve Aoki below and look out for more Afrojack domination when he arrives in Australia for Stereosonic in November.


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GoodLove said on the 11th Aug, 2011

Man, Im 23. If I was dutch I would definitely be playing Ibiza to thousands of punters by now...


mlirosi said on the 11th Aug, 2011

i feel ya man, when i applied for residency at Ibiza they told me i cant do it coz im not Dutch...valid excuse


Conor- said on the 11th Aug, 2011

My respect for him has gone skyward since watching the video. Seems like a fun bloke to be around. Bought No Beef/Bridge/Distance on vinyl as well as Doing it Right recently. Can't complain too much :)


L-S-D-V-P-M said on the 11th Aug, 2011

It`s cool!! rocks like a gut party!! it`s like uumm being there
so funny ....LOL %u266A


jacknife said on the 25th Aug, 2011

hardly a producer if all you can produce is collaborations with famous people, i believe the correct job title is 'fluffer'