Justice’s new LP to be less dance?

Image for Justice’s new LP to be less dance?

There’s no question that French hitmakers Justice kick-started a dancefloor riot when they emerged onto the scene some four-ish years ago with their pummelling brand of stadium rock-influenced electro, but with the release of their breathlessly awaited sophomore effort on the horizon it looks like the Ed Banger duo might be heading in a less dance-y direction.

Speaking to Pitchfork last week about the forthcoming Audio, Video, Disco LP, Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay commented on this record’s supposedly lighter dancefloor-focus than had been expected, name-checking 70’s prog rock, The Eagles and a general disenchantment with clubbing.

“We do music in a really naive way,” he began. “This album is like a prog record in acceptable proportions because everything ends up being more simple, partly due to our limitations as musicians; we like simple music that provides simple emotions. The first album wasn’t really meant to be dance-oriented; we were just trying to make some sort of pop music. I never heard any of the original tracks from the first album in a club.” He added, “also, we are not fond of live dance aesthetics like lasers and screens, so we use plainer visual tricks in our shows.”

Though his claims might have some Justice fans worrying about what’s ahead for the electro stars the first couple of tracks to emerge from Audio, Video, Disco seem to maintain Justice’s dancefloor power. Check out the title track and a snippet of what could be album joint Helix as dropped by Busy P below.


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