Gareth Emery strikes out at “pathetic” purists

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Just a week after fellow trance don John Askew *let loose on the trance scene, describing the community as a “viper’s nest of c*nts”, and now another DJ in the trance ranks has issued a diatribe of their own with Gareth Emery lashing out at haters online for their insular views.

The action stems from some unruly fan reactions to Emery’s recent sets, in particular his Gareth Emery Podcast in which he had the gall to include not one but two Nero tunes. Gasp. Evidently peeved by his followers’ ugly outbursts at this perceived sonic betrayal, Emery penned the following blog post on his Facebook page.

“You guys who are like “OMG U PLAYED ONE DUB/ELECTRO TRACK IN YOUR PODCAST” are totally pathetic,” Emery began. “Dance music genres are not in competition, we are in this scene together. Since 2006 my podcast has always had a huge variety and I’ve never had any rules about what I play. It’s just whatever fucking tunes I like that week. If all you want to listen to is 100% trance there are plenty of shows doing that so go listen to them. Sorry to rant but this close minded bullshit really fucks me off. Peace.”

The message has since been discussed and dissected by Emery’s followers with some commentators applauding his open outlook. Others have not been so accepting of such sentiments…you better believe there’ll be sic’s coming.

“Poeple like gareth Are killing Trance Music , Can’t blame Fans , but it sux when they keep kissing his ass by telling him : WOW GREAT SET ! we love dub WE love YOUR MUSIC . you’re lying to yourselfs my good friends,” one disgruntled trance baby wrote in response to Emery’s rant before signing by saying “gareth , you can die peacfully in hell. ***From a PURE UPLIFTING/TRANCE FAN”.

“As to why your fans are upset by this… Think of what made you Gareth Emery. In a time when everyone else has sold their soul to the devil for a few cents on the dollar you kept playing your same unique style,” another fan wrote. “Now they are afraid you are going to go Tiesto status and throw away everything that made you who you are. Change doesn’t happen all at once it happens gradually. Go look at Markus Schulz over the last 5 years. Your fans don’t want to see this same career path from diety to peasant that Markus has taken. Just remember people like you because you make good music not because you are Gareth Emery. Most fans could give two fucks about the person giving them good music, so long as they continue to bring them said good music.”

Check out Emery dropping some wobbles in Vegas below and let us know if you’re a trance fan and are similarly cheesed off about Emery’s rant.

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