Gareth Emery strikes out at “pathetic” purists

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Just a week after fellow trance don John Askew *let loose on the trance scene, describing the community as a “viper’s nest of c*nts”, and now another DJ in the trance ranks has issued a diatribe of their own with Gareth Emery lashing out at haters online for their insular views.

The action stems from some unruly fan reactions to Emery’s recent sets, in particular his Gareth Emery Podcast in which he had the gall to include not one but two Nero tunes. Gasp. Evidently peeved by his followers’ ugly outbursts at this perceived sonic betrayal, Emery penned the following blog post on his Facebook page.

“You guys who are like “OMG U PLAYED ONE DUB/ELECTRO TRACK IN YOUR PODCAST” are totally pathetic,” Emery began. “Dance music genres are not in competition, we are in this scene together. Since 2006 my podcast has always had a huge variety and I’ve never had any rules about what I play. It’s just whatever fucking tunes I like that week. If all you want to listen to is 100% trance there are plenty of shows doing that so go listen to them. Sorry to rant but this close minded bullshit really fucks me off. Peace.”

The message has since been discussed and dissected by Emery’s followers with some commentators applauding his open outlook. Others have not been so accepting of such sentiments…you better believe there’ll be sic’s coming.

“Poeple like gareth Are killing Trance Music , Can’t blame Fans , but it sux when they keep kissing his ass by telling him : WOW GREAT SET ! we love dub WE love YOUR MUSIC . you’re lying to yourselfs my good friends,” one disgruntled trance baby wrote in response to Emery’s rant before signing by saying “gareth , you can die peacfully in hell. ***From a PURE UPLIFTING/TRANCE FAN”.

“As to why your fans are upset by this… Think of what made you Gareth Emery. In a time when everyone else has sold their soul to the devil for a few cents on the dollar you kept playing your same unique style,” another fan wrote. “Now they are afraid you are going to go Tiesto status and throw away everything that made you who you are. Change doesn’t happen all at once it happens gradually. Go look at Markus Schulz over the last 5 years. Your fans don’t want to see this same career path from diety to peasant that Markus has taken. Just remember people like you because you make good music not because you are Gareth Emery. Most fans could give two fucks about the person giving them good music, so long as they continue to bring them said good music.”

Check out Emery dropping some wobbles in Vegas below and let us know if you’re a trance fan and are similarly cheesed off about Emery’s rant.


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angy said on the 19th Aug, 2011

"you better believe there’ll be sic's coming." LOL!

StiC MaN

StiC MaN said on the 19th Aug, 2011

while he does have a point..........this whole genre fusion thing going on is overrated. whats wrong with trance being trance, house being house etc.. now everything is just starting to sound the same.


Tim-BO said on the 19th Aug, 2011

sounds like a wet fart


Kungpin said on the 19th Aug, 2011

I'm all for diversity, but Dubstep sucks!


Heist9000 said on the 19th Aug, 2011

There's a difference between cross genre pollination and homogeneous bullshit... I think its up to his audience to decide which side he's landed on


tigerace said on the 19th Aug, 2011

if it was just one trance dj who decided to throw dubstep into his set it would be great. first time i heard sanders van doorm do it it was amazing. then i heard gabriel and dreseden do it for almost 20 minutes it was horrible. now gareth is doing it as well. are there gonna be anyone left who just plays trance?


Chach said on the 19th Aug, 2011

Thats that then, plebs are now referring to brostep as "dub" and Jesus wept.


sm44 said on the 19th Aug, 2011

Definately love it when a dj slows down his set with 2-3 dubstep tracks. I cant stand a whole set of dubstep though just how I cant stand a whole set 'insert specific genre here'. I think dance music would be better if everyone played a bit of everything, that way the music is more about quality then the in genre. I dont think any genre captures me for a full 3 hour set anymore, love when stuff gets changed up.


rentboyesq said on the 19th Aug, 2011

Cry more tigerace & co. You people fail to realise that the term "Trance" isn't a simple genre anymore - like "Progressive", it's a term to describe a sound, a movement. Trance, with the common denominator (generally) being melody, encompasses everything from the banging, uplifting stuff (the 'classic' trance sound) through prog, house, tech, and yes, dubstep (and breaks, RIP). Emery etc playing dubstep = exercising the colourful spectrum that is trance nowadays. More, I say. Love the straight up 4/4 136+ beats, don't get me wrong, but I love diversity even more. EDIT: beat me to it, sm44, but I completely agree.


m_xt said on the 19th Aug, 2011

That is one point of view, and I realise Emery isn't a particularly underground DJ, however when you invest time and effort into a specific genre and DJ's who play that genre you can take that genre further and further. Nothing wrong with cross over, party based DJ's but the chin strokers are often after something different.


walkdogz said on the 19th Aug, 2011

As an ex trance fan from 5 years ago, Ive been over in Europe for the past few months and have seen Gabriel & Dresden, Markus Schulz and Tiesto and it is pretty sad the way theyve all gone. I just wanted a straight up trance set, but the shit they all play now is misguided I didnt fin d any of their sets that enjoyable, save Tiesto for the epicness of being in Privilege Ibiza with 10 000 other people. I just wanted to hear some trance and only Above & Beyond gave me that. Trance fucking sucks now.


narcism said on the 19th Aug, 2011

All i see is him having a cry because people say they don't like what he plays :P

CRY MORE GARETH!! #trancefamily


JulesPLees said on the 19th Aug, 2011

He can piss and moan all he wants. Fact is he plays to the shittiest closed minded crowds on earth because he has aligned himself with some of the shittiest closed minded brands/labels on earth with his shitty trance/vocal/pop crossoverz.
No-one to blame but yourself my main man. We reap what we sow.

Signed: Old Mistral fan.


SlicyDicer said on the 19th Aug, 2011

"you better believe there%u2019ll be sic%u2019s coming."
YES! Couldn't stop laughing.


peterwom said on the 20th Aug, 2011

do not give a fuck about the style of tunes if the music track is wicked big like! a real electronic mix music lover Wether a DJ or not we love the music for what it is right!


alchemy1983 said on the 20th Aug, 2011

typical trance dj's always blabbing on about something pointless about genres this and that, would never get this yapping on in the techno scene. the reactions hes getting are the crowds hes attracting, stupid trance nerds with nothing else better to do ,


Makkaaa said on the 20th Aug, 2011

That's why I left trance, too many haters.


lawlietskyy said on the 20th Aug, 2011

Emery's productions are too good for me to care


abronier said on the 20th Aug, 2011

While I'm an avid listener to Gareth's podcast since #100 (which was pretty epic) and like the diversity in his podcasts, when I go to one of his sets I don't want that, I want to hear his top class productions and sets that has got him to where he is. Biggest disappointment at Ultra this year was Gareth, was really looking forward to a set similar to the one he played at Home in February this year but left after 10 minutes. Rubbish.


Milanov said on the 20th Aug, 2011

Like all trance greats you were good once.. and you'll all turn into nuffies.
Sander van doorn..From adrenaline into Love is Darkness..
Schulz..Beautiful Dark trance into offensive noise!
Armin (shocking) Blue fear into absolute RUBBISH!

Dr Bones

Dr Bones said on the 20th Aug, 2011

what is this i don't even


WyscuL said on the 20th Aug, 2011

Listened. I reckon they both (Gareth & the trance fans) have a point. Gareth has been promoting a certain sound for a while now in productions & through the label from what I can see, but certainly plays a bit broader in his podcasts than his sets I have seen. I an not a lubber of wubber much, but I dont mind him flinging it in there, its his podcast, but it is a long way from the sound/style that we witnessed at Brown alley (Melb) on his last tour, which I would put as my #1 set personally witnessed. just hope it does not influence his style too much overall.


Gruso said on the 21st Aug, 2011

Not much to like in that video but fuck, it's hardly a controversial genre experiment. Uplifting cheese no.49587345 with a dubstep preset, don't let it kill your pill kids.


Wowk said on the 21st Aug, 2011

I'm more cheesed off by him calling Nero "dub" than anything.


LavyP said on the 21st Aug, 2011

i have been listening to trance since i was 11. cant get enough of it. But well said gareth, its NOT a competition between electronic genres. Im not a big dubstep fan but once in a while there comes a track which does not give me headaches and everyone should be open to new things.


LavyP said on the 21st Aug, 2011

i hope house, electro, progressive, trance, tribal and drum and bass lives on.


LavyP said on the 21st Aug, 2011

And gareth i watched u live in the gold coast recently, awesome set. trance set. i love your work and your album.

but there is a difference between you and tiesto. He really made his name and is a trance icon. He has too much money to spend and instead retiring and drugs like many artists, he decides to give something back to new fans and bigger production shows for everyone. (Dont even get offensive you haters, when a tiesto solo show comes up, you may not go but you will think at least twice about it before you make your decision.)

thumbs up tiesto for the attempt. but busta rhymes? ruined your 'c'mon' hit which was acceptable before the edit.


Weqster said on the 21st Aug, 2011

I think Emery has gotten things a little backwards, Trance isnt electronic music, its a cult. His made a deal witht he devil and now needs to reap the harvest.


angy said on the 22nd Aug, 2011

Being a trance fan is embarrassing, sometimes. Like right now.


B_e_de said on the 24th Aug, 2011

Remember when they used to fuse Hardcore breakdowns with DnB? It's just that all over again.


twistedbydesign said on the 24th Aug, 2011

what is a hardcore breakdown?

also there is trance step now, that fuckwit who sells vacuums and weight loss from Kochies lounge room told me


DHindahouse said on the 30th Aug, 2011

Trance is for little rubber people who havent started shaving yet.