Pendulum on a break after summer festivals

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As the curtains were drawn on the lineup announcements for Summadayze, Summafieldayze and Shore Thing last week it was no major shock to see Pendulum, arguably Australia’s biggest electronic export at the moment, leading the charge in headliner position. Both at home and abroad (especially abroad) the Perth bass group has broke through to mass appeal with their bombastic albums and a killer live show that’s kept them as a regular for festival stages everywhere.

With the future seemingly at their feet, Pendulum have confirmed to inthemix that the band will be going into mothballs following their New Year’s festival duties for some well deserved time off.

“We haven’t actually taken a break in about 10 years,” Pednulum mainstay Gareth McGrillen told inthemix of the band’s blocked out hiatus next year. “We’re not breaking up or anything we’re just literally going to force ourselves into a holiday so that we can get re-inspired to make some new music. Our goals have always been to do better than we were last time and you can get to a certain point where that becomes an impossibility so we’re trying to come up with some massive ideas for the next album.”

As McGrillen revealed to ITM, Pendulum’s break was scheduled to start in September but the band made an exception to spend New Year’s partying with their countrymen here in Australia, meaning us punters better make the most of it this summer.

“It was actually meant to start sooner – in September,” McGrillen explained from the Pendulum tour HQ. “But then we got the offer to do these New Year’s festivals back home in Australia and, well, that’s just not something that you can really turn down. After that though we’re off and Rob [Swire] and I will focus on our underground side project and spend the next year writing and thinking of new ideas for the next record.”

You can hear a bit of that side project, Knife Party, in the clip below and hit up for Summadayze, Summafieldayze and Shore Thing festival pages for all the juicy event info.