Set times for AN21 & Max Vangeli at Kink

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This weekend sees fast-rising house stars Max Vangeli and AN21 arriving in Sydney to welcome Kink back in style. With a two hour set to do their thing, the duo will be surrounded by Kink regulars like John Glover, Ben Morris and Gabby. The side room of the Arthouse will be in full effect also with a host of local types. Check out how it’ll all be running with the set times below.

  • KINK
    • Main Room
      • 9:30pm – Gabby
      • 11:00pm – Shamus
      • 12:00am – Ben Morris
      • 01:00am – AN21 & Max Vangeli
      • 03:00am – John Glover
      • 04:30am – Nukewood & Brenden Fing
    • Side Room
      • 10:30pm – Telefunken
      • 12:00pm – Danny Lang
      • 01:00am – Mike Rukus
      • 02:00am – Oakes & Lennox
      • 03:00am – Trix vs Goodfella
      • 04:00am – Reno & Foundation


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cogan said on the 15th Sep, 2011

any news on the Melbourne times?


mlirosi said on the 15th Sep, 2011

dunno man...can u confirm its at sorry grandmas as my tickets are telling me roxannes?


AUDIT said on the 16th Sep, 2011

Melb times

12 to 1- TV Rock
1 to 3- AN21 & Max
3to 4- Fabian Gray

it was moved to sorry grandma