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It’s just a matter of weeks now until international juggernaut Godskitchen returns for its annual tour of the country. The theme for 2011 is ‘A Trance Odyssey’, and Future Entertainment has secured a line-up to live up to that name. With Dutch tech-trance heavy Marco V at the helm, the night will also showcase the sizeable clout of John Askew, Richard Durand and Ben Gold.

As we power towards Godskitchen, inthemix has a swag of prizes to swing your way all week. What you need to do is make sure you’re following inthemix on Facebook for your chance to get in on the winnings.

We’ve got 30 double passes to give away for all five shows, plus albums including the Godskitchen 10th Anniversary compilation mixed by John O’Callaghan and James Brooke, Cosmic Gate’s Godskitchen Boombox, the Marcel Woods and Wippenberg double-disc Godskitchen 3D and of course Godskitchen Odyssey. You’ll certainly be kitted out and primed for the shows.

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Godskitchen 2011: A Trance Odyssey

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