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If you’re a tried-and-true fan of electronic maestro Apparat, you’ve no doubt found your way to our full stream of his new album The Devil’s Walk. With the comments so far unanimously in praise of the German’s fourth studio outing, we recommend you wrap your ears around it. The LP has now been released through Mute/EMI, and we’ll hear it brought to life by Apparat and his band this November/December.

In addition to a set in the great outdoors for Subsonic Festival, the troupe will also play headline dates in Perth and Melbourne. The last time Apparat was out here, he wowed us with his one-man show, but this is a different beast. “The music I make is really band music these days,” he told inthemix back then, so this’ll be the live show he’s most proud of. Do we have any reason to doubt it’ll be a knockout?

Apparat live tour:

Wednesday 30 November – The Bakery, Perth
Friday 2 December – The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne
Sunday 4 December – Subsonic Festival, NSW


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trouble          hifire

trouble hifire said on the 26th Sep, 2011

No Brisbane show :( come on guys.


GrEnNo said on the 26th Sep, 2011

agree, brisbane fail!!


thunderbot said on the 26th Sep, 2011

WOW. Hi Fi Melbourne, that's a big room. Anyone know what kind of supports are playing? Will it be DJs or bands?

Subsonic Music

Subsonic Music said on the 26th Sep, 2011

A big room for a big band. I am sure the Melbourne show at Hi-Fi will be rammed. Similarly, we can't wait for Apparat to close our festival at sunset in the beautiful Barrington Tops :)


Weinertron said on the 26th Sep, 2011

Apparat was the single best gig in 2010. This 'band' thing will be unmissable