Godskitchen Melbourne set times

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October sees the Godskitchen juggernaut arrive in Melbourne for its 2011 ‘Trance Odyssey’. With Melbourne Park housing the party, Future Entertainment has announced how the all-nighter is going to play out. The centrepiece set comes from Dutch tech-trance heavyweight Marco V, with Ben Gold and Richard Durand on either side. Bringing it home is John Askew, who’ll surely deliver 90 minutes of the tough and driving trance he’s all about.

    • Main Room
      • 10:00pm – Steve Strangis
      • 11:30pm – Ben Gold
      • 01:30am – Marco V
      • 03:30am – Richard Durand
      • 05:00am – John Askew [7am finish]
    • Back To The Future
      • 11:30pm – Charlie Z vs DJ Kat
      • 12:30am – Trent McDermott vs Hellraiser
      • 01:30am – Nik Fish vs Jumping Jack
      • 02:30am – Binary Finary live
      • 03:30am – Pee Wee vs Papa Smurf
      • 05:00am – Scott Alert vs Jason Midro



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mlirosi said on the 27th Sep, 2011

have to see marco v...but sad to miss out on nick fish


BomberDownUnder said on the 4th Oct, 2011

Yeah Marco V and Binary on at the same time.......I dont have enough time to clone myself......:-)


MuSiCsMyDRuG said on the 4th Oct, 2011

Have to say to both u guys.. I saw Binary last year & they were pretty good, but Marco V is a must! Nik Fish has kinda changed his style now so no big loss there. Main Arena will be amazing; see u all there! :D


rockenb said on the 5th Oct, 2011

check out back to the future im going to bounce like i was 18 again look at that closing set oh my fucking god i suspect i'll black out then ace as fuck