Stereosonic star Pretty Lights hypes his show

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The Stereosonic 2011 touring party includes a few first-time visitors, and one of the most keenly-anticipated is Pretty Lights. The Colorado-bred producer has built a colossal following in his home country, regularly playing to thousands-strong crowds. One of the biggest was at Red Rock Amphitheatre in his hometown, where he did his thing for 10,000 fans earlier this year – check out the video below.

With superstar status comes an expensive-looking stage show, built around the dazzling lighting rig you’ve just seen. We got on the phone to the man otherwise known as Derek Vincent Smith to hear about his ambitious undertaking.

“You have to be able to balance how much money you’re spending with the creativity and originality,” he mused. “My whole team was on the same page of being over the idea of flat video screens. So we tried to build something three-dimensional and create custom visuals that accentuated those structures, then really pushing the synchronicity of it.

“I realised that a lot of other electronic artists were putting their set together, creating a visual show for it, then doing the same thing every night,” he continued. “I wanted the ability to not only freestyle my set but also improvise the arrangement of the songs themselves. It was a challenge developing a visual and lighting approach that works with how I perform – which is on-the-fly, improvised live production.”

So, the all-important question: what incarnation of Pretty Lights will we see at Stereosonic? “I can’t bring the whole show I tour around the States, but it’s still very important to me,” he said. “I am bringing my lighting designer and having all custom visuals created for the tour. I’m not just going to rely on the in-house visual guy. I’m going to have a theme in place.

“From what I know, Stereosonic put a lot into the production, so we’ll have a lot of toys to work with. I was quite flattered and surprised about where my set is going to be, having never been to Australia. I’ve learned that my music has spread quite a bit more than I thought. I’m working on a new record too, so I’ll be dropping those tracks for the first time down there too.”

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Taubs said on the 12th Oct, 2011

"I was quite flattered and surprised about where my set is going to be", wonder if this means he'll be on mainstage.

"From what I know, Stereosonic put a lot into the production", really? It's marginally better then FMF but has nothing on Defqon1 or Tomorrowland.

mr flauge

mr flauge said on the 12th Oct, 2011

production? if you call putting the king aka carl cox on a stage that has speakers you can hardly hear because the main stage is blowing sound right over it good production, im baffled.


camlv said on the 12th Oct, 2011

Never heard of the dude before, interesting stuff, might have to check him out!


dazmedia said on the 13th Oct, 2011

Massive fan of this guy's beats. Great booking!