Our Skrillex/Korn journey ends here

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Judging by the reaction to our most recent free download, not everyone thinks the unholy union of Skrillex and Korn is such a great idea. Ain’t that the news-flash of the year? However, for the closet Korn fans and morbidly intrigued types among us, there’s probably one final update worth hearing. Korn’s ‘dubstep’ album The Path Of Totality can be yours to own from 5 December and a tracklist has now been announced.

In addition to Skrillex’s contribution on three album tracks, Noisia appears on three, Downlink is responsible for four and Excision is on two. The next single bears the amazingly Korn-y title of Narcissistic Cannibal, with Skrillex and Kill The Noise featuring. The most-liked comment on the YouTube video reads: “My girlfriend said that korn sucks, now she is single.” Amen, brother.


Bleeding Out
Chaos Lives In Everything
Kill Mercy Within
My Wall
Narcisstic Cannibal
Burn The Obedient
Let’s Go
Get Up!
Way Too Far



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B_e_de said on the 14th Oct, 2011

Unholy union? It was a perfect match.

Here's Skrillex, who keeps making the same track. And here's Korn, who's lyrics have shown that over 15 years they still haven't evolved.

special ed

special ed said on the 14th Oct, 2011

i dont think the unholy union of skrillex and humanity is a great idea. but that's just me


Digitalgrub said on the 14th Oct, 2011

It actually works quite well. Don't like it though...


Weqster said on the 14th Oct, 2011

Skillress is the totally the next deadmouse! all he needs now is some hissy rants about how hard he isnt trying or how the music he is making is original!


B_e_de said on the 14th Oct, 2011

It's the plight that all haters go through. Here's Deadmau5 who, as a person, is an absolute fucking douchebag and has made some decent tracks (once upon a time) and on the other scale is Skrillex who makes noise that is completely unlistenable, yet as a person is a happy go lucky little lesbian scamp that you just want to pat on the head, give a lollypop to and tell him to go play on the swings.


JackT said on the 14th Oct, 2011

Disclaimer: there will still be an album review.


GoodLove said on the 14th Oct, 2011

I hope they lose a considerable amount of money in the process of inflicting this audiAIDS on the world. Noisia you are dead to me.

DJ KnightSA

DJ KnightSA said on the 14th Oct, 2011

Whilst I'm usually the first to defend Skrillex, I'm not a fan of any of the stuff he's done with Korn.

I mean it kinda works, but some how neither are doing anything either of them were good at as well as they should be.


Makkaaa said on the 14th Oct, 2011

What the fuck Noisia?


SlicyDicer said on the 14th Oct, 2011

I can't wait to torrent this, burn it to CD and shove the CD into a hookers anus


Silkyyy said on the 14th Oct, 2011

I think SlicyDicer has it down pat^^^


sm44 said on the 14th Oct, 2011

Why do we need an actual album review, everybody has already commented how shit it will be and put their 2c without listening to the whole album. totally unbiased!


JoshWarry said on the 16th Oct, 2011



beaumont_music said on the 16th Oct, 2011

anyone impying that noisia is musically any better/different than skrillex is kidding themselves. the only thing noisia has is MORE CRED. and that says alot about the people who make these comments.


B_e_de said on the 16th Oct, 2011

No sm44, but we have gone by the tracks that have been released and can SAFELY SAY THAT IT WON'T BE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THE ALBUM. It's Korn and Skrillex doing Dubstep, not exactly going to be a deep and inspiring musical journey that traverses all plains of musical existence or anything.

Plus there's a difference between hearing nothing from an album and making an opinion and hearing stuff from the album and making an opinion. Mainly because that actually makes an opinion more credible.


P337 said on the 16th Oct, 2011

Dissapointing Jack T.


JackT said on the 16th Oct, 2011

Disappointing the journey ends here? Yeah.