Introducing ITM's Guest Editor: Sinden

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This week, inthemix is trying something new: we’re welcoming UK bass fiend Sinden aboard the ITM ship as Guest Editor. Every day, the DJ-producer will be weighing in with some exclusive content he’s cooked up. All this is in aid of Sinden’s inthemix-presented club tour, which kicked off over the weekend and will be continuing on until the end of October.

Sinden has always been a favourite around these parts, thanks to his prolific talents as a producer and DJ. Perhaps his most celebrated musical partnership is alongside The Count – or Herve, if you prefer – and last year they went to work on a joint album Mega Mega Mega. It was followed by the Mega Mega Remix LP, which does what it says on the tin, calling in the likes of Canblaster, Hot City, Dave Nada, Lone and xxxy to overhaul the tracks.

Sinden is of course an in-demand remixer himself, as well as a keen collaborator. In addition to The Count, he’s been known to hit the studio with Jesse Rose, Switch and most recently crossover star of the moment SBTRKT.

With so much on his slate, we were stoked he agreed to take up the Guest Editor mantle. There’ll be plenty to come throughout the week – from features to a special DJ mix – so keep your eyes peeled.

To kick things off, we heard all about the acts that shaped Sinden’s take on dance music. Have a read of the feature here.


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johnbiggs said on the 17th Oct, 2011

why do he get this editor and i dont?


B_e_de said on the 17th Oct, 2011

I was excited for a second because I thought it said "Sinbad".


Onslaught said on the 17th Oct, 2011

WOW! Sinbad! Can you do something about that ITM HQ?


Conor- said on the 17th Oct, 2011

Looking foward to this.


andosound said on the 17th Oct, 2011

I hope you've informed him about the quota of Daft Punk and Kanye West stories required


daverh said on the 18th Oct, 2011

And how out of date that joke is.


JackT said on the 18th Oct, 2011

Haha, at least hit us with a bit of Tijs or Skrillex.