Pukkelpop Festival will return in 2012

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The embattled Pukkelpop Festival has announced that it will return in 2012, despite the horrific events that took place at this year’s proceedings.

In August this year, five people were killed and over 140 injured at the Belgian festival when violent storms struck and caused the collapse of one of the eight stages.

Since then, the festival has been embroiled in legal disputes. An investigation into the event cleared the festival organisers of liability in light of the exceptional weather conditions, however considerable financial losses threw into doubt the possibility for the festival’s return.

As restitution for the 2011 attendees, the festival organisers are offering a food and drink voucher scheme which is explained on their website – though organisers are asking that in support of the festival, Pukkelpoppers chose not to use some, or all, of their vouchers.

However, the festival has declared that “Pukkelpop will be Pukkelpop”, and will return in its original form. The 2012 edition is scheduled for August 16-18.



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Salon K

Salon K said on the 18th Oct, 2011

some interesting comments left on the website there


UDiO said on the 18th Oct, 2011

Im glad they will get to continue and I hope those who died RIP. On a slightly selfish note I will be around when it is on so I cant wait to go... and pay respects of course!


joffa123 said on the 18th Oct, 2011

I went this year, bought the 3 day camping ticket and all. Realised when i got to the site that we i hadnt bought nearly enough food and drink vouchers online so loaded up on the day (spending 100 euros plus) so not only will i not be refunded for those vouchers i also wont get refunded for my pukkelpop ticket which i just cant afford to attend next year. The 50 euros in total from food and drink vouchers in unacceptable if you ask me.
Not only am i now a ticket price and numerous food and drink vouchers worth out of pocket I also was kicked out of the campsite at 12pm the following day (which they had obviously reserved for 3 days) therefore making me pay for a 4 star hotel for 2 nights because their simply wasnt any accomodation around.
Fuck you and your festival pukkelpop


Madsnake said on the 18th Oct, 2011

I was there, it was fucking insane, had a top time though, the campsite the next day was a blast. Obviously the Belgians were very upset.