Rusko talks up his anti bro-step album

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“Bro-step is sort of my fault,” said hyperactive bass fiend Rusko back in February, before proceeding to bemoan the current state-of-affairs within the scene. “Everybody’s taken it too far,” he told BBC 1. “It’s not about playing the hardest tracks for an hour and a half.”

Fast forward to this week, and the outspoken producer’s position remains unchanged. So much so that his upcoming album – scheduled for a January 2012 release – is set to be a direct reaction to the bro-step boom.

“I turned in my new album three days ago,” he told SPIN backstage at HARD Haunted Mansion in L.A. “It’s completely a reaction to the masculine, dance-floor orientated, distorted mess that is the current state of dubstep. I made 14 tracks with 14 vocalists – songs with choruses that you can sing along to, rather than for DJs to play. It’s the biggest statement I could make, really.”

While Rusko’s certainly dead-on when he mentions his part in championing dubstep’s bastard spawn, the album sounds intriguing. In a typical Tweet from a couple of weeks back, he mused: “Does every new dubstep producer have EXACTLY the same drum-kit and massive presets? Because it sure does sound like it.” Time to bring your A-game, Rusko…

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