Duck Sauce on NSFW ‘Big Bad Wolf’ video: “It’s no Windowlicker”

Image for Duck Sauce on NSFW ‘Big Bad Wolf’ video: “It’s no Windowlicker”

Any video that features A-Trak and Armand Van Helden attached to the crotches of two other men was bound to make a splash. As the ever-profound Kanye West wrote to A-Trak, “you took a risk as an artist to piss out of your mouth”. Yep, the Duck Sauce clip for Big Bad Wolf really does push that envelope.

But in an interview with Rolling Stone, director Keith Schofield has claimed that the Big Bad Wolf clip is a far cry from the work of, say, Aphex Twin. “It’s not Windowlicker or something,” he defended. “ That was a disturbing video.”

However, the director does concede “it ended up being a little more outrageous and disgusting than we thought.” As confronting as the clip is for the viewer, it was probably a lot worse for the duo to film – apparently, A-Trak and Van Helden spent two days on their hands and knees, head in the crotch of another man. This revelation brings a whole new meaning to suffering for one’s art.

So which video’s vulgarity reigns supreme? Big Bad Wolf may be restricted on YouTube to those over 18, but MTV was banned from playing Windowlicker (which comes complete with 127 cuss words) before 9pm.

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