Defqon.1 releases epic 2011 after-movie (and date for 2012!)

Image for Defqon.1 releases epic 2011 after-movie (and date for 2012!)

We all know to expect superior production values from Q-dance, from the sound and staging on the ground to the highly-anticipated after-movies. On Saturday 17 September 2011, Defqon.1 returned to its ordained stomping ground of Sydney International Regatta Centre for its third Australian edition – and hard dance fans were once again left wowed.

Well, now comes the time to live it all over again with the 13-minute after-movie that’s surely worth the wait. Rather than hearing it from us, you’re probably best to just hit play below.

If after watching that you’re wondering “When can I do it all again?”, we’re happy to have the answer. Q-dance has announced that Defqon.1 will return with a bang (or many, many bangs) on Saturday 15 September 2012. Time to block out that weekend now. Then you can keep reminiscing in the eye-popping official gallery from this year’s event.