Boys Noize and Mr Oizo form new project

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Here’s a collaboration worth wetting yourself over! Producer-extraordinaires Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo have announced that they’ve teamed up for a new project, called Handbraekes.

Alex Rhida (the man behind Boys Noize) told Mixmag that he and Oizo have an EP set for release on January 23, titled #1.

The EP, which is being released on Boys Noize Records (sorry, Ed Banger) contains four tracks: Callgirls, Riho, The Qat and Milc. Annie Mac played one of the songs from the EP on her Radio 1 show a couple of months back, but other than that, the material is all brand spanking new.

With the much-hyped Boys Noize remixes album having just dropped and Mr. Oizo fresh from killer appearances at Stereosonic, this news tops off a damn good week for European electro!


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kane2188 said on the 5th Dec, 2011

this will be interesting


theHordern said on the 5th Dec, 2011

im gonna go ahead and assume this will be awesome.


DoctorC said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Let's hope it lives up to expectations!


MescalKid said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Boys Noize said himself: the A and the E are twisted..

it's should be spelled: HANDBRAEKS


ninjaskillskill said on the 7th Dec, 2011

From what I've heard, oh god