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December is shaping up to be a pretty good month for fans of Pendulum side project Knife Party. A couple weeks back, it was announced that the duo are embarking on an Australian tour and a few days ago they were added to the Future Music Festival second line-up. Now, it gets even better – we’ve got word that Knife Party will be releasing a four-track EP for free download on December 12. Yes, for free!

The EP, 100% No Modern Talking, is their first – and in a very generous token of appreciation for their fans, the pair are eschewing traditional money-making avenues and handing their “seizure music” release straight to the public. You can download the EP via the duo’s website or Facebook page come Monday.

Knife Party 100% No Modern Talking Tracklist:

1.Internet Friends
2.Destroy Them With Lazers
4.Fire Hive


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Deacon Rose

Deacon Rose said on the 8th Dec, 2011

Playing the whole EP from start to finish on Friday's Mix up on triple j. From midnight yo.


jaketux01 said on the 8th Dec, 2011

these guys are the future, literally. its no suprise they gave this one out for free, its been leaked all over the internet and at this point I can only assume that theyd rather the publicity and dont need money from releases, theyll be touring consistently for a loooong time. regardless, good work boys :D


seb141 said on the 10th Dec, 2011

Nice :)
But 'Lazers'. Really Knife Party? Really?


WilhelmScream said on the 11th Dec, 2011

"These guys are the future" Really... Seriously?
While i'm not hating on them, they really don't sound much different from every other Skrillex-esque producer over the past 12 months. I'll still give the EP a download though.

I don't understand all the excitement with their upcoming tour either. Get yourself on google and download one of their recent sets. Leaves a lot to be desired. Little-to-nil mixing, lots of fade-in-fade-out and just yelling "put your fuckin hands in the air" or "Alright lets go fuckin crazy" in between tracks to make up for shitty mixing


Golliwog said on the 12th Dec, 2011

That is fucking awful music. Its the same glitchy "pushed mids" sound Skrillex uses.

I actually think it might be worse.


lawlietskyy said on the 13th Dec, 2011

fire hive has to be the worst piece of sh*t i've ever heard in my life, Internet friends is win though.

Its Zyzz

Its Zyzz said on the 14th Dec, 2011

sounds it.. not enough juice to get my muzza on