LMFAO are the best act of 2011, apparently

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What was the best track of 2011? Between stellar releases from the likes of Four Tet, SBTRKT and M83, you’d think that the calibre of music over the last eleven-and-a-half months has been pretty high. You’d think that level of quality might be reflected in the purchasing habits of the listening public. You’d think wrong.

Proving that there’s no accounting for taste, iTunes have revealed that the honour of most-downloaded song this year for Australian audiences belongs to none other than LMFAO, for their breakthrough single Party Rock Anthem.

Yes, the animal print-wearing, crotch-wiggling, party-rocking LA duo are responsible for the biggest hit of 2011, edging out the likes of Gotye, Adele and Maroon 5 for the number one spot. It seems LMFAO’s unfathomable (yet undeniable) appeal is worldwide – the duo also took out the #1 spot on the UK iTunes charts and the #2 spot on the US list.

Well, at least it wasn’t Justin Biber.


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