Creamfields 2012 line-up is here!

Image for Creamfields 2012 line-up is here!

April 2011 saw international festival goliath Creamfields make its second run at Australia’s dance music fanatics, with Deadmau5 leading the way on his Rubik’s Cube. For 2012, Totem Onelove (the team behind Creamfields Australia and the recently-wrapped Stereosonic) has once again set its sights on superstar headliners, a mix of genres and a ticket price that won’t bust the budget.

Tickets for the festival go on-sale today Thursday 22 December at 10am – just in time for any last-minute Christmas present requests – along with the announcement of who’ll be there in 2012.

By now you’ll already know that the man in the headline spot is David Guetta. The unstoppable Frenchman is on the home stretch of a stellar 2011 that saw his double-album Nothing But The Beat go stratospheric and DJ Mag readers vote him the world’s #1 DJ. Last week we also revealed that leading trance trio Above & Beyond are locked in, following a triumphant headline tour a couple of months ago.

So now’s the time to hear about who else is on board. Melbourne boy turned international A-lister Dirty South is back after a big Stereosonic, while fast-rising star Alesso will also be getting anthemic.

After his buddy Datsik tore up the Bass Arena at Stereo, Excision is on the Creamfields bill, while trance acolytes get W&W, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied van Riel and MaRLo.

A new venue has also been announced for Queensland – Parklands, Gold Coast. Check out the line-up below, then follow the What’s On links below to get yourself an early-bird ticket.

David Guetta
Above & Beyond
Dirty South
Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live)
Sied van Riel
Bombs Away
MC Stretch

Melbourne, Sydney & Gold Coast: 1st release $99.95
Perth: 1st release $90.00
Adelaide: 1st release $80.00


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kane2188 said on the 21st Dec, 2011

expected more.. would love to see vitalic again tho...


elryo said on the 21st Dec, 2011

think i'll be skipping this one


josh_goods said on the 21st Dec, 2011

good trance, good house and some dubstep... wtf do you want? im sure all the techno will come on the 2nd announcement, it always does


james223 said on the 21st Dec, 2011

W&W, Tritonal, Giuseppe Ottaviani and A&B



ravelikespastic said on the 21st Dec, 2011

Is there a second round lineup?

I'm not overwhelmed by this.



SlicyDicer said on the 21st Dec, 2011

oh cool a bunch of recycled acts I've seen before


jasmin93 said on the 21st Dec, 2011

I know people will be disappointed with this, but look...Above & Beyond, Shockone, Downlink and Excision will all be brilliant live.


Achal said on the 21st Dec, 2011

Was hoping for anjunabeats artists but cant complain!


MitchhctiM said on the 21st Dec, 2011

What a waste of Vitalic.


Pdzy said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Is david guetta meant to drag along the teeny boppers by himself?

Its Zyzz

Its Zyzz said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

not enough juice for my muzz!


Mal_X_mas_03 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

guetta.. Its a no from me...

Why the hell doesnt anybody bring the Crystal Method out here??

ben russell

ben russell said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

I just vomited a little.


ry44nn said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

DAVERH is there going to be a second announcement do you think?


theHordern said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

mm waste of vitalic indeed. w&w would be good. and please, oh please, dont put underworld on this bill.


addz said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

lol maybe there only charging $20 entry
edit: woah $99 there kidding


bigtobz said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Spent all their money on Guetta me thinks


Digby2007 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Wah wah wah! Typical negativity from most of you. It's a strong festival line-up with a number of genres generously catered for. Sometimes techno fans get spoilt, other times trance, dubstep or house. It happens every time a festival line-up is released. You just have to wait your turn. The organisers are fucked in the court of public opinion whatever they do: either put on a show full of talented people that doesn't sell tickets or bring Guetta over, make a bundle and hopefully from that there's cash to book some smaller-scale artists that will please this lot of highly-string EDM purists. Even then everyone will moan because there's some commercial acts on the bill. Daverh is right: you guys suck. I'm off to get a Creamfields ticket.


mlirosi said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

@sliceydicer...when did you see alesso?


matzta73 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

I dont think Australians really like Guetta, he is tooo euro pop trash!


scottyk82 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

@ Dickby2007 - Looks like the wankers and teenage girls are the ones getting spoilt this time round


amcqu2 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Worst lineup ever. Alesso sideshow in Brissie. Gold Coast festivals can DIAF.


jamwildway said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

David Guetta and Dirty South are the cream of the crop, never heard of any of the other acts. Deadmau5 and Underworld should be added asap.


trancekid said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

@jamwildway - if youve never heard of any of the other acts then you dont deserve to have an opinion


josh_goods said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

lol jamwildway who the fuck are you? it doesn't occur to you to look them up before commenting? boy bizz bang WOW you should be shot


Aza13 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

DEVolution Good Love (Alesso Remix) BRING IT ON!!!


daveyac8881 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

VITALIC + trance + rubbish


LSE818 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Rank. After last year... WTF? Guetta is soooo bad..

special ed

special ed said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Wow that's a really poor line up compared to fmf


AJF2211 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

i just signed up so i could post to this.....that is the lamest line-up ever! David Guetta....really? it's so tragic he is headlining.....bring back Deadmau5...least we'd get to hear some decent tunes then!


TimmyB01 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

I thought with Guetta on the bill to get the crowds there would have been more underground/up and comming acts on the bill.

@the Horden, please leave Underworld out of this, I don't wanna have to go to this just to see them play whilst they most likely will clash with A&B


Amosse said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Line-up isn't too bad for my liking. But why do people keep insisting that Deadmau5 come back? It's all over Creamfields facebook.


scottyk82 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Stop deleting my comments! Censorshit


josh_goods said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

yeah what? deadmau5 was absolutely shocking, he just played out his album with absolutely nothing new. 'oh my god raise your weapon I KNOW THIS SONG!!!' fucking grow up people
if you dont know who above & beyond are you shouldn't be allowed in anyway.


Achal said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Lol every festival same reaction. If creamfields listened only to itm fans theyd make no money. To the guy that said australians dont like david guetta...just look at the charts throughout the year!


krys_65 said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

Pleased with GO, A&B and Tritonal :)


ry44nn said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

josh goods i vaguely remember his last track and brand newy which he recreated from a track he made like 7 or 8 years ago... called aural psynapse. shows how little notice you took.

i also remember very well him playing alot from random album title such as when he did the windows error and what not and not a terrible lot from the new album at all, probably four songs max.

this lineup is puss and there is surely a second lineup announcement to come...


josh_goods said on the 22nd Dec, 2011

ry44nn... he played cthulhu sleeps (which was great), sofi needs a ladder, raise your weapon, right this second, some chords and one trick pony. thats more than half the album. you know why? because it was AN ALBUM TOUR dumb ass. a shit one at that. On the other hand, above & beyond's album tour was incredible. cant wait for'em


crackers4 said on the 23rd Dec, 2011

@josh_goods, are seriously complaining that the headline act of a festival played songs from his new else do you expect him to play?? People paid money to see him play his music, especially considering it was the first time he was performing on his 'mau5cube' in australia.


josh_goods said on the 23rd Dec, 2011

that is what i expect. he is absolute class, outro's into intro's is unacceptable at this level


snakey82 said on the 23rd Dec, 2011

I hope all you cry babies who always whinge when a festival is on stay at home cos Sied Van Riel is too good a dj to be seen by losers like you!!


Tomislav01 said on the 23rd Dec, 2011

Getting sick of the same comments. Stop supporting them and don't go. Recycled lineups every year. It's easy, they'll learn when they don't make any money


Jazzpah said on the 24th Dec, 2011

A&B and Tritonal !! FTW :D


scottyk82 said on the 24th Dec, 2011

@ snakey82 - enjoy your 1 hr set. Savin my hard earned for cocoon. Noob


Lachaa said on the 24th Dec, 2011

Even if they did focus this line-up on trance and forget solid material for other genres they STILL failed. To be honest i like a lot of these acts but c'mon the only fresh one for a festival such as this is W&W. So A & B again (weren't they here 4 months ago?), Ottaviani again, Tritonal again, Sied AGAIN. Where the f are acts like lange, leon bolier, ronski speed, daniel kandi, arnej. Its not like these acts cost a lot more than the ones they have chosen to bring out (except a and b). Massive fail


josh_goods said on the 25th Dec, 2011

Yeah Lachaa your spot on... I'm in the uk at the moment, look what I'm going to in January:
why can't they manage even an inkling of this? Its half the reason its so hard to be a dj at home too... they don't back a horse that doesn't secure definite sales. thats the problem, they're too afraid to take the risk on arnej, ronski speed, leon bolier, lange etc (because those not really into the scene don't know who that are)


K3lvo said on the 28th Dec, 2011

Absolutely fucking pathetic line up, compared to this years and last year, it is shit, havent even heard half these people,


Morecowbell said on the 29th Dec, 2011

a) The lineup is not rubbish simply because you haven't heard of an artist on it. Broaden your horizons. Although it IS rubbish.
b) Deadmau5 put on a decent visual show LAST YEAR but I'm willing to bet he still can't spin to save himself, so leave him to bitch and moan elsewhere this year.
c) What the fuck did Vitalic do to deserve this? Side. Show.


Kingofthehill1 said on the 30th Dec, 2011

Will Vitalic be DJ set or V mirror show? either way going for him!


SANDSHREW said on the 2nd Jan, 2012


Linda and Girls

Linda and Girls said on the 26th Jan, 2012

YAY David Guetta, saw him at Summadayze last year and he was awesome, cant wait till creamfields now YAY.... People that complain about the line ups should save themselves some wasted typing and just not comment as if you dont like it DONT GO - has to take more energy and thought to complain - but then it sounds like alot of people only know how to complain. In saying that does anyone know how they are gonna work an indoor festival - this should be very interesting ......... will there only be 1 stage?????


antzno1 said on the 2nd Mar, 2012

Sweet!!! Awesome line up.....but can't go :o (studying CA)

My brother is jealous. Have fun bro.


Bracko said on the 3rd Mar, 2012

here's to hoping for a vitalic side show... in adelaide... :meh:


lawlietskyy said on the 8th Mar, 2012

@ Linda and Girls - did you just use David Guetta and Awesome in the same sentence? Perhaps at summadayze you were too busy telling people around you "OMGZZZ I KNOW THIS SONG FROM THE RADIO IM SO HIP" that you failed to realize he is a terrible DJ


seb141 said on the 27th Mar, 2012

Anyone know if there's a 2nd lineup yet to be announced? This page suggests there will be -

Really wish Dada Life would come back :( I'd buy tickets instantly. Current lineup is a bit too meh for me at the moment.


DanAufromPerth said on the 1st Apr, 2012

creamfields has always been a small select line up. But the venue change for perth, this one is gonna be pretty awesome! out doors with the city backdrop.


tranceaddict14 said on the 6th Oct, 2012

lawlietskyyy....I've been listening to trance for over 10 years and know my Djs and music inside and out...used to feel the same way about David Guetta until he blew me away at Creamfields last found respect...he stole the show and was the best performer for maybe that comment isn't quite warranted ;)


KRiSTEEmau5 said on the 3rd Dec, 2012

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