Hot Chip's new album is imminent

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Lately, the focus for the various Hot Chip members seems to have been on their side-projects. Joe Goddard has been busy with his duo The 2 Bears and Al Doyle and Felix Martin recently launched their own offshoot, New Build.

But that doesn’t mean the Brits are neglecting their original project – rather, they’ve announced that the new album is almost complete. Guitarist Al Doyle tweeted that the group has only one more song to record before the LP is ready to go, saying that he “cannot wait to play them to y’all”.

So what can we expect from the One Life Stand follow-up? Back in 2010, Hot Chip told inthemix “I think we’re going to move away from things that sound like computer music and do something heavier.” The group also told NME that the album samples “Buddhist monks chanting” – intriguing.

The LP, set to be Hot Chip’s fifth, should come out sometime over the next few months. In the meanwhile, you can stream New Build tracks on their Facebook page – or relive all the glory of the I Feel Better clip, which is still one of the greatest things we’ve ever seen.

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