Ultra Music Festival sells out; Diplo disses Coachella

Image for Ultra Music Festival sells out; Diplo disses Coachella

Evidently, not even all the anti-Ultra Music bile Deadmau5 could muster did anything to deter dance fans from the planning their trip to Miami. Despite entry to the festival costing “595 fucking dollars for a ticket”, event organisers have today announced that Ultra has sold out.

Given the ‘Phase 1’ lineup boasts a mighty collection of the biggest, most bankable and best loved DJs in the game, it’s unsurprising that Ultra tickets have been snapped up. Tiesto, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, New Order and Kraftwerk will all be descending on Miami come March, alongside over 100,000 very lucky revellers. Question is, are you one of them?

But not everyone is buying into the festival frenzy. Recently-published author Diplo took to the universal soapbox of choice for musicians, Twitter, to deride Coachella’s line-up announcement yesterday – comparing its dance contingent to a “bootleg” version of Ultra’s massive bill.

In a tweet that’s since been deleted (but lives on at Pitchfork), Diplo wrote “maybe im just throwing shade but coachsmella looks pretty lame this year.. u used to be a place to check out new bands/music”, followed by “besides snoop and dre thats boss shit right there” and “its like bootleg ultra w a few bands that are ‘safe’”.

Now, if only Coachella came at a bootleg price.



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thesuntoucher said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Agree with Diplo on this one. Coachella line-up is "good" but not unmissable.


beyondandabove said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Maybe it would seem that way if you were a narrow minded music fan because oh yeah! At the drive in and refused tour all of the time don't they! They're not pioneers at all in their respective genres. Stop the ass kissing diplo. Coachella is a phenomenal line up as is ultra. They just cater for different tastes that is all.


antotran said on the 11th Jan, 2012

595$ for a 3 day event with a lineup like that, worth it.


scottyk82 said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Diplo is right. But ultra ain't even worth $200US. People playing CDs and a few old Skool fucks who need cash??? Pffft - Tomorrow land FTW


kris-ko said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Having been to both I can quite honestly say you'd take more away from 5 minutes at Coachella than a lifetime of Ultras, regardless of the line-up.


DTrancer said on the 11th Jan, 2012

who wants this overpriced festival shit


theHordern said on the 13th Jan, 2012

its worth 595 and probably a fair bit more to see new order and kraftwerk on the same bill. fuckk off diplo, go play 'like a g6' somewhere else.