Bassnectar Chinese Laundry Garden Party to be the last

Image for Bassnectar Chinese Laundry Garden Party to be the last

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, and this is a particular downer for anyone who has ever danced up a storm in the sunshine (or rain) at a Chinese Laundry Garden Party. After a few great years, the Garden Parties are bidding farewell, with next week’s all-star gathering headlined by Bassnectar set to be the last hurrah. Of course Chinese Laundry will be keeping its regular weekly programming going. Sadly council restrictions are responsible for the untimely end, so for Garden Party lovers, you’ve got one more chance to get involved!

Previous Garden Party guests have included…

Gui Boratto
Henry Saiz
Chase & Status
Sub Focus
LTJ Bukem
Nick Warren
Fortknox Five
Timo Maas
Krafty Kuts
Stanton Warriors
Paul Kalkbrenner
Danny Howells
James Zabiela (twice)
Danny Byrd


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m_xt said on the 20th Jan, 2012

Maybe the problem was they started having the parties for any genre instead of making it a brand that would attract loyalty and a regular following. It's there club, they can do what they want but with some consistency in the acts people would buy a ticket just because it is a garden party and they know what to expect.


FtMOde said on the 20th Jan, 2012

It will be well missed..


Yasoda said on the 20th Jan, 2012

There was no problem with the parties.. They are all rammed and everyone loves them.Clearly ticket sales aren't an issue seeing as they always sell out. I see many of the same faces each time, whether it's a big tech artist, Dnb,Breaks or brostep... So I'd say that is a loyal following? Guy before me needs to broaden his mind. I for one will be front and slightly left of centre for this final party :`(


Hasaparty said on the 20th Jan, 2012

Mxt - the decision to finish the garden parties was based purely on council restrictions

Pretty much every garden party , no matter what genre was at sell at capacity do have been an amazing success , the brand was based on bringing the worlds biggest artists no matter what style and every party has been amazing !

We actually had another 3 planned for after this one so watch this space for big announcements

Hope everyone makes it down to this one which is shaping up to be a sell out also and see these great events off in style !


muli_ said on the 20th Jan, 2012

such a shit council :/


Fledz said on the 20th Jan, 2012

Councils are shit everywhere. All I want them to do is fix the roads and pick up rubbish but nooooo.... they all seem to think they are Federal politicians.


m_xt said on the 20th Jan, 2012

Yeah, after I wrote my comment I realised that is was probably noise restrictions (hence everyone being shuffled downstairs after the last one I attended). Lame.


BMoney said on the 20th Jan, 2012

You should let the last one run well past 10pm Paul, just to give a big FU to that ridiculous council.

Had a great time at so many of them - very sad to see it finish.


teknik said on the 21st Jan, 2012

nooo the garden parties were my fav!


tomrandy said on the 22nd Jan, 2012

the garden parties i went to were some of the best events i've ever seen. dettman & klock, in the sunshine, such a great vibe... such a shame they can't continue :(


jarrardscott said on the 22nd Jan, 2012

renovate the garden in a way to reduce noise pollution?




josh_goods said on the 24th Jan, 2012

does this mean gigs are going to move to the ivy? please dont let it be... where is zabiela going to play this year!??