How dance music fared in the triple j Hottest 100

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If you tipped Somebody That I Used To Know to top the 2011 triple j Hottest 100, you haven’t got much to gloat about. As reported by our sister site FasterLouder, had the heartbreak jam from Gotye and Kimbra convincingly tipped to take the top spot ahead of ‘Any Other Song’. Indeed the inevitable did happen on the Australia Day broadcast, much to the satisfaction of news outlets everywhere who already had the story pre-written.

Regardless of your feelings on the Hottest 100, it’s an interesting gauge of what’s pricking up ears around the country. The ubiquitous #1 aside, there’s a few notable developments in the list. Putting the Hottest 100 through a dance filter, the biggest performer (if we’re not including Foster The People’s danceable, high-sheen pop), was Skrillex with three appearances: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, First Of The Year (Equinox) and the remix of Benny Benassi’s Cinema.

It wasn’t all mosh-able brostep connecting with triple j listeners, though, with divergent strains of bass music represented in James Blake’s The Wilhelm Scream and SBTRKT’s crossover gem Wildfire. One of Skream’s more pop-leaning endeavours Shot Yourself In The Foot Again came in at #75, while Big Day Out 2012 stars Nero struck a chord with Promises at #19. Calvin Harris’s festival anthem Feel So Close powered to the #11 spot, but M83’s #5 spot with Midnight City is the highest performer on the ITM radar.

There’s another interesting angle to consider here, too. This week, triple j also revealed its top-played songs of 2011, with Foster The People’s Helena Beat clocking in at #1 with 192 plays across the year. SebastiAn’s Embody amassed a whopping 185 plays in 2011, putting it at #3 on the programmers’ list, but the song was curiously missing from the voters’ top 100. Another highly-played track (145 airings) that missed out on a Hottest 100 spot was Digitalism’s 2 Hearts. For their 168 plays of Foreign Language, local disco dudes Flight Facilities got to #72. It seems in some cases the tastes of the programmers wasn’t reciprocated by the voting masses.

#100 Mr Little Jeans – The Suburbs
#99 The Beards – You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man
#98 Jay-Z and Kanye West – Niggas in Paris
#97 Foo Fighters – Arlandria
#96 The Strokes – Machu Picchu
#95 Grouplove – Naked Kids
#94 The Wombats – Our Perfect Disease
#93 Kimbra – Two Way Street
#92 James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream
#91 City and Colour – Fragile Bird
#90 Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise
#89 Beruit – Santa Fe
#88 Bombay Bisycle Club – Shuffle
#87 Gotye – In Your Light
#86 Seeker Lover Keeper – Light All My Lights
#85 Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates
#84 360 – Throw It Away {Ft. Josh Pyke}
#83 The Kills – Future Starts Slow
#82 Little Dragon – Ritual Union
#81 Busby Marou – Biding My Time
#80 Pnau – The Truth
#79 SBTRKT – Wildfire {Ft. Little Dragon}
#78 Husky – History’s Door
#77 Metronomy – The Look
#76 Redcoats – Dreamshaker
#75 Skream and Example – Shot Yourself In The Foot Again
#74 Drapht – Bali Party {Ft. Nfa}
#73 Skrillex – First Of The Year (Equinox)
#72 Flight Facilities – Foreign Language
#71 Luke Million – Arnold
#70 Jebediah – She’s Like A Comet
#69 Bon Iver – Calgary
#68 Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
#67 New Navy – Zimbabwe
#66 Bon Iver – Perth
#65 Kasabian – Re-Wired
#64 Owl Eyes – Raiders
#63 Foo Fighters – Rope
#62 Stonefield – Black Water Rising
#61 Radiohead – Lotus Flower
#60 Joe Goddard –Gabriel
#59 Washington – Holy Moses
#58 Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers
#57 The Rubens – Lay It Down
#56 Sparkadia – China
#55 Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee
#54 The Grates – Turn Me On
#53 Bon Iver – Holocene
#52 Kimbra – Good Intent
#51 The Drums – Money
#50 Boy and Bear – Part Time Believer
#49 Boy and Bear – Milk & Sticks
#48 Art Vs Science – A.I.M. Fire!
#47 Sparkadia – Mary
#46 Active Child – Hanging On
#45 The Kooks – Junk Of The Heart (Happy)
#44 Hermitude – Speak Of The Devil
#43 Grouplove – Itchin’ On A Photograph
#42 Florence and the Machine – What The Water Gave Me
#41 The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness
#40 Foster the People – Houdini
#39 Benny Benassi – Cinema {Skrillex Remix}
#38 Ball Park Music – All I Want Is You
#37 360 – Killer
#36 Florence and the Machine – No Light, No Light
#35 Illy – Cigarettes
#34 Gotye – I Feel Better
#33 Jay-Z and Kanye West – Otis {Ft. Otis Redding}
#32 Noah and the Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N
#31 Ball Park Music – It’s Nice To Be Alive
#30 Calvin Harris – Bounce {Ft. Kelis}
#29 Drapht – Sing It (The Life Of Riley)
#28 Owl Eyes – Pumped Up Kicks {Like A Version}
#27 Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me
#26 The Wombats – Techno Fan
#25 Kimbra – Cameo Lover
#24 The Wombats – 1996
#23 Emma Louise – Jungle
#22 Snakadakal – Air
#21 Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
#20: Bluejuice – Act Yr Age
#19: Nero – Promises
#18: The Wombats – Jump Into The Fog
#17: Seeker Lover Keeper – Even Though I’m A Woman
#16: Grouplove – Tongue Tied
#15: Foster The People – Helena Beat
#14: Foster The People – Call It What You Want
#13: Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
#12: Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High
#11: Calvin Harris – Feel So Close
#10: Hilltop Hoods – I Love It {Ft. Sia}
#9: The Jezabels – Endless Summer
#8: 360 – Boys Like You {Ft. Gossling}
#7: San Cisco – Awkward
#6: Lana Del Rey – Video Games
#5: M83 – Midnight City
#4: Boy & Bear – Feeding Line
#3: Matt Corby – Brother
#2: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
#1 Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know


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khas said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Midnight City deserves top 5


van_tango said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Despite being the second most played song on Triple j over the year (and being fantastic), SebastiAn - Embody didn't even make the 100.
Strange, yer?


Mindfull-1 said on the 27th Jan, 2012

m83 is dance music and artichitecture in helsinki isn't?


discotheque said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Jeez, and to think, there was once a time when Triple J Hottest 100 was once credible. Good lord what a crap list with Gotye being #1? M83 deserves it IMO


bobshled said on the 27th Jan, 2012

I was definitely expecting a couple of Justice's new songs, and I thought Nero's Me & You would be top 10. Overall, pretty disappointed.


daverh said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Love for Active Child too.


patrickbateman said on the 27th Jan, 2012

jjj is even worse than i imagined. 3 skrillex tracks in there, wow. pbs & rrr 4lyf


katiecunningham said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Pretty glad M83 made it so high up.


mischa21 said on the 27th Jan, 2012

I always imagine fasterlouder to be your brother


Shayno89 said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Cant believe no Digitalism songs made it... P.s there are a few for AIH that aren't in bold.


DHindahouse said on the 27th Jan, 2012

midnight city is a quality track, props.


Juzzy9 said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Bullshit!!!!! how are the Wilhelm scream and ritual union not in, at least the top 50.....happy midnight city is up there.

ohhh and 1 for SebastiAn, why is embody not there


justbecause said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Dance music!? Forget the hate towards society, ITM I am disgusted in you. The bubble will pop.


SANDSHREW said on the 27th Jan, 2012




gth44331 said on the 27th Jan, 2012

Luke Million %u2013 Arnold
That is all.


JackT said on the 27th Jan, 2012

justbecause, consider me confused!


ch3wie said on the 28th Jan, 2012

More SBTRKT required!!! And NO Digitalism, WTF!!


LavyP said on the 28th Jan, 2012

how on earth is M83 considered dance music


j_erbrederis said on the 28th Jan, 2012

Chill out, it's not the inthemix hottest 100. I was was quite interested to see this. It's very hard to tell which electronic track will catch the ears of tipple J hipsters.


B_e_de said on the 30th Jan, 2012

Good Hottest 100 this year, kicked the shit out of last years for sure.