Rainbow Serpent's statement on festival death

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Following yesterday’s report of a death at Victoria’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, and the mainstream news reporting that followed, inthemix went to the organisers for a statement. Here’s the full account passed over to us:

“Everyone at Rainbow Serpent Festival is saddened by the tragic loss of life over the weekend and our thoughts and condolences go out to the deceased’s family and friends. As yet the cause of death has not been confirmed and we have assisted the police and coroner with their investigations and await their findings.

The festival has a significant positive lifestyle program which aims to empower patrons to achieve happiness and fulfillment in their lives and we discourage patrons from engaging in any activity that may put themselves or others at risk. Cars are searched by security as they enter the property and any prohibited items are confiscated.

Rainbow Serpent Festival considers the safety and care of our patrons of utmost importance. Highly trained first aid and medical professionals are on duty throughout the festival. We work together with Police and other authorities to ensure that the environment we provide is as safe as possible.”



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Ruthykins said on the 1st Feb, 2012

Such a tragic loss & my thoughts go out to his family & friends.


mitchy02 said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

Sad.. But what's worse is that people will place blame on this festival.. Blaming it on acid & drugs is just typical of media, what about the little education people have from the countries fear mongering. Chemically it is impossible to overdose on acid.. People need to be educated and not just eat anything that is put in their face. know your drugs, know your limits..