Line-up for PvD's Evolution Arena at Future Music Festival

Image for Line-up for PvD's Evolution Arena at Future Music Festival

Back in December last year, inthemix spoke to Future Music Festival ringleader Brett Robinson about the staggering number of stage shows on the 2012 tour – including the new concept from trance don Paul van Dyk, Evolution. “To deliver Paul van Dyk is a real coup for me,” Robinson enthused.

True to their word, today Future Entertainment has confirmed the line-up for PvD’s Evolution arena at Future Music Festival, where the main man will be playing a three-hour set. The integrated audiovisual show was the result of intensive development with “people who are pretty much fucking amazing at what they do”, as PvD puts it. The show has a storyline of “all these different paths that evolution takes”, from the nebula to the Big Bang to the ‘multimedia world’.

“It always feels together,” the DJ told Chinashop last year. “The light design features the visual design, and the stage design is incorporated with the video and lights. It’s all quite complex, but it’s really exciting.” Exciting in particular for his Australian fans, who’ve been waiting several years for a return visit from their hero. March 2012 is also launch-time for PvD’s Evolution album, so expect to hear what he’s been working on.

Also confirmed for the Evolution arena is the headliner’s supporting cast. ITM favourite Gareth Emery will be coming armed with the latest Garuda weapons, John O’ Callaghan will pick up where he left off at Godskitchen 2010 and production star Orjan Nilsen completes the picture. Check out the Evolution Arena poster below.


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Scott_FUTURE said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

Special 3HR set from Paul van Dyk to look forward to ...


dan_essential77 said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

Paul van Dyk! whatever the stage; it's going to be epic!


LavyP said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

Dear FMF Brisbane... you always make a bad habbit of giving the trance stage NO BASE WHATSOEVER in your trance tents SINCE 2008! Please do not do the same... its such a waste. Make this one a good one.


jonsermon said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

Good call Scotty !! Bring it on.


MajikEntertainment said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

We are glad to be apart of this!


Ethereal1 said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

still looking for tickets to this i have 6 left


Raveskater said on the 2nd Feb, 2012

I do not think FMF are giving PvD the headlines he deserves - on all the posters he is in small font - He is going to SMASH it, and GE, Jo'C ON - Evolution will be rivalling the main stage but will have the true trance fans - YEE HA


scottyk82 said on the 9th Feb, 2012

Guy playing CDs in a sphere... Ugh sooo magical


DJ_LG said on the 27th Feb, 2012

^PVD hasn't played CD's for years.
He uses MIDI controllers, Keyboards, Ableton etc.