Armin van Buuren gives it up for the ladies

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Following the A State Of Trance 500 celebrations last year, a vocal contingent from Armin van Buuren’s 3.8 million Facebook fans began to barrack for more female DJs on the ASOT line-ups. Being the man of the people (and savvy marketer) that he is, Armin has announced that the flagship event of the A State of Trance 550 world tour – to be held on March 31 2012 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands – will include a female-only stage. That includes all the tech crew as well as the DJs and vocalists performing. Armin is also using this as a platform to barrack for more women in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll.

“Women have a great taste in music and some can DJ pretty good,” quips the Dutch don in a somewhat shaky start to proceedings. “I’m still surprised that most of today’s dance music scene is ruled by men only and I’m not the only one sharing that opinion. It’s been a long time frustration that out of the 100 most popular DJs, only a few are female. And we all know there’s no atmosphere without women in the crowd! If you scare away the women, you can be pretty sure you’ll scare away the men as well.

“So I’ve decided to dedicate a whole stage to female DJs and artists only. Even the VJ, MC and stage-manager have to be female. You will see this will bring a special atmosphere. It would be a great thing if at least 15% of the DJ Mag Top 100 in 2013 are female!”

A cynic might argue that relegating all the female DJs to a ‘Pink’ branded arena rather than spreading them amongst the main stages is a pretty token move, but there you go. If you’re a trance devotee, the full line-up for ASOT550 in Den Bosch is the stuff dreams are made of – check it out below.

Aly & Fila
Armin van Buuren
Cosmic Gate
Ferry Corsten
John O’Callaghan
Gabriel & Dresden
Jochen Miller
Sied van Riel

Armin van Buuren
Gareth Emery
Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live)
Markus Schulz
Ørjan Nilsen
Super 8 & Tab

Kyau & Albert
Leon Bolier
Matt Darey
Ronski Speed
Stoneface & Terminal
Will Holland

Claudia Cazacu
Kristina Sky
Lisa Lashes
Miss Nine
Sophie Sugar
Vicky Devine
Ana Criado
Betsie Larkin
Emma Hewitt

Dennis Sheperd
DNS Project
Jorn van Deynhoven
Mark Sixma
Sebastian Brandt
The Blizzard


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i_have_ADD said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

"some can DJ pretty good" hahaha, epic backhanded compliment.


rdalt13 said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

when i do become one of the few first top female dj's, i don't want to be segregated from the rest of the male djs. I would much prefer to treated as 'one of the boys' and have some of the crowd not even notice i'm a girl. when people know you're a girl they judge you totally different


katiecunningham said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

That whole pink stage is one giant neg.


Silkyyy said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

speaking of backhanded...dream big rdalt13


beyondandabove said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

That lineup is just amazing! Fuck I can't wait until I move to Europe in a couple of months, don't know if I'll get much work done though :)...oh yeah masssively tokenistic gesture from AVB but at least he's trying and some of those vocalists are brilliant!


james223 said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

Fuck me that lineup is insane!


rismeq said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

Sure, why not.

The whole scene seems to now thrive on cult groups and popularity contests these days anyway, so further saturating the market with aspiring female DJs who want to be in it for the fame would not hurt.

Don't get me wrong though, if a female producer churns out massive tracks, she deserves a place and legitimate praise.

Dr Bones

Dr Bones said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

If you want to get women into the DJ Mag Top 100, get them to spam their shit on facebook and advertise themselves like most of the wanky male winners do.


RaVeR_SpIkE said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

That lineup look awesome , wish i was going :(


matzta73 said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

Its all about the music!


DTrancer said on the 3rd Feb, 2012

just give them photoshoots on Zoo mag that'll get them into the DJtop100


blky said on the 4th Feb, 2012

If you are a trance devotee, the full line-up for ASOT500 in Den Bosch is the stuff dreams are made of check it out below.

shouldnt that say ASOT 550?


gee-up said on the 6th Feb, 2012

That trailer is as cheesy as trance itself.


AliceElizabeth said on the 6th Feb, 2012

*Shock horror* "Women have great taste in music"? No ways.

Yhayia Alam

Yhayia Alam said on the 7th Feb, 2012

WOW, simply an epic lineup and i agree with Armin. There should be more female Djs out there.