Melbourne band kicked off M83 tour: "They should have chosen a boring DJ as support"

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You never know what kinds of strange stories are going to emerge from the world of touring, and today online magazine Mess & Noise is reporting on a very strange one. Melbourne rock band Teenage Mothers have hit back at dreamy soundscapers M83 after being unceremoniously dumped as support for their tour.

The band was set to play three dates in Melbourne and Sydney with the French troupe led by Anthony Gonzalez, but their duties were cut short following an incident at the first show at Melbourne’s Prince Bandroom on February 2.

As Mess + Noise writes: ‘According to guitarist Raph Brous, M83’s management was unhappy with the on-stage antics of lead singer James “JK” Kennedy who, among other things, inhaled nitrous oxide in the form of over-the-counter soda bulbs during the gig. Brous said M83 frontman Anthony Gonzalez and management were made aware of Kennedy’s preference for inhalants (which he says are legal) prior to the show, but booted them off the tour during soundcheck the following afternoon.’ Gonzalez allegedly labelled Kennedy a “junkie” as means of explanation.

“Thirty minutes before our set, we were suddenly kicked off the entire tour,” Brous told Mess + Noise. “Under orders from M83’s tour managers, the venue staff literally pushed us onto the street. Our guest list was cancelled and our friends were kicked out too (some of them had travelled a long way to the gig). Security guards barred us from entering the building. It cost us hundreds of dollars. It was humiliating and unfair.”

As ever, there’s a flip-side to the tale. Some punters who were at the Prince Bandroom gig observed that Teenage Mothers set a speaker on fire during their set with an errant sparkler – which could be the kind of behaviour to get you kicked off a tour.

“I truly respected Anthony Gonzalez,” Brous added in the interview. “M83 should have chosen a boring DJ as their support. Playing with them is our worst experience as a band.” You can read the full interview over at Mess & Noise.


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katiecunningham said on the 7th Feb, 2012

"After the show, we had a drink with Anthony backstage. He was friendly and I gave him an inscribed copy of my novel."


khas said on the 7th Feb, 2012

At what point does it become funny/charming to start inhaling nitrous onstage... git


Morecowbell said on the 7th Feb, 2012

I'm so fine with that. Mothers no longer supporting, not using bulbs onstage. If you aren't at your absolute best, you don't deserve to be supporting such a talented bunch.


threereasons said on the 7th Feb, 2012 would have been cream bulbs not soda bulbs. Soda bulbs have carbon dioxide in them, and will kill u. When I worked in a supermarket I saved a few lives of dumb arses buying the wrong ones!


Heist9000 said on the 7th Feb, 2012

It could have been to modulate his voice as part of the performance?


annied said on the 7th Feb, 2012

if you're a punk band and you're not pissing people off then you're doing something wrong. m83 either didn't get that when they booked these guys or they conveniently forgot. what's a few backflips, nangs and - ok small fires - at a gig. at least it doesn't put you to fricking sleep like so many other bands who take themselves way too seriously. lucky nick cave, david bowie and iggy pop didn't look like junkies or - wait a minute ...


Fewsion said on the 7th Feb, 2012

Pack em. Bad luck I say.


twofortytwo said on the 9th Feb, 2012

Funny that. I remember at the M83 gig at The Zoo in Brisbane a few years back, someone in the crowd was smoking weed. Anthony Gonzalez himself asked if he could have some.


scottyk82 said on the 9th Feb, 2012

Tbh - m83 were dog shit in brissy. Wish I had some bulbs for that snooze fest


MinniHooha said on the 10th Feb, 2012

Nangs on stage lol.. !!!
That takes balls..