"Anyone can play big hits and get a reaction": Digweed words up ITM

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The last time we saw UK journeyman John Digweed around these parts was March 2010, and this weekend he’s back for a much-anticipated run of club shows. With extended sets and not a festival tent in sight, it’s the ideal way to see one of the world’s most celebrated DJs. Safely landed after the long haul down here, Digweed checked in with inthemix ahead of what’s set to be a whirlwind circuit.

“The last few tours of Australia have been mostly big festival gigs, which have been great, but you play shorter sets and have to get straight to the point with your set,” he told us today. “This tour I have longer to play and being in clubs should lend itself to a more intense vibe. I am lucky that most weeks I get to play from 500 people to 25,000, so the variety of gigs keeps me on my toes. Most of my gigs on this tour are three hours, which I am happy about – plus I have got so much great music with me I can’t wait to start playing.”

Touring is a critical part of what Digweed does, and his schedule takes him well outside Europe and North America to destinations like Israel and Taipei. We asked him about where he feels dance music is at.

“The scene is split down the middle with the very commercial house DJs and the more underground DJs,” he muses. “The commercial side of the scene has never been so big, but it’s a million miles away from what I play. I think you can’t beat seeing a crowd go crazy to a record that they have never heard before. You have to work and earn that reaction. Anyone can play big hits and get a reaction.

“I want the crowd to come away being surprised and wanting to search out what they have just heard. I just try and focus on what I do and the parties I am playing and make sure I give 110-percent to every gig and try make each party better than the last. The label is also one of those things that as long as you keep the quality of the releases very high you will succeed.”

DJing is more of a buzz than ever for the Bedrock boss, as he told us. “I have spent and devoted over half my life to DJing. I live and breathe music and the industry 24/7. I am not like a sportsman that when you reach a certain age your body cannot keep up. As long as I have my ears and the passion and love for what I do then I want to continue.

“My gigs are still selling out and the fan base around the world is very strong, so why would I want to stop something I love doing? The scene has seen many new DJs come into it recently which is great as it keeps it fresh and exciting. I still want to have a big part to play in it with my DJing, radio show, productions, Bedrock events and record label.”

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Needles said on the 10th Feb, 2012

"you can%u2019t beat seeing a crowd go crazy to a record that they have never heard before" - Legend!


m1kest4r said on the 10th Feb, 2012

agreed needles, nothing better than getting your mind blown by some awesome tune you've never heard before! diggers has done this to me many times xD


josh_goods said on the 10th Feb, 2012

that is sydneys biggest problem, what a ledge

special ed

special ed said on the 10th Feb, 2012

wanna be djs take note.

great interview, this is the very reason that haters hate on djs like guetta, tiesto et al. sure they have great 'shows', but as dj's they are nothing but hit machines.
digweed always has and always will be the dj's dj


stoydgen said on the 10th Feb, 2012

He couldn't have put it any better. A legend in EVERY circle.


bulldozer said on the 10th Feb, 2012

shattered i'm missing this.

ah well will have to settle for the techno party i'm going to at Womb in Tokyo tonight with Shlomi Aber.


Heist9000 said on the 10th Feb, 2012

Dance music will never be absorbed by pop and industry so long as we have those showing how its done. Onya Diggers


k9culture said on the 11th Feb, 2012

As far a quality goes Digs is top dog


scottyk82 said on the 11th Feb, 2012

Dig dig nail - hammer HIT IT! Hence the future line up. More sideshows please


DTrancer said on the 12th Feb, 2012

why no perth show? guttered.


jamwildway said on the 12th Feb, 2012

He sounds pretentious and old...lol


fusiongirl said on the 12th Feb, 2012

his performance last night was pretty mediocure...


slinky87 said on the 12th Feb, 2012

"journeyman" buzz word of 2012. He's better than that.


Oli-G said on the 13th Feb, 2012

He smashed it at the Greenwood and at the laundry!!!

Awesome sets and both quite different. Funky afternoon proggy tech at the greenwood with a techno prog chopped up break downs to hands in the air sort of finish. Then he actually picked up the bpm at the laundry, played some instru:mental type beats and then got loopy, glitchy & drilled the place with bassline after bassline.

I was very happy with the 8 hours I got to hear ;P

special ed

special ed said on the 13th Feb, 2012

^ totally agreed. further cements the truth of his comments in this article. diggers put most djs to shame on saturday


matzta73 said on the 13th Feb, 2012

Seen him play at billboards in Melbourne on Friday night and he played a blinder, he even played for an extra 30 minutes which gives him more credibility why he is still one of the best prog Djs touring around.
Diggers was right in his interview when he said he plays tunes that make you go away thinking 'where did that tune come from' his whole set was like that.

Absolutely "BRILLIANT"

Hope he comes back next time with Sasha!!!