Sasha gets to work on Involver 3

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Since making the long haul down here for the New Year’s party marathon, there’s been no downtime on the radar for UK luminary Sasha. Currently on tour in the US, the DJ spoke over the weekend with Time Out New York, revealing a much-hoped-for return to his flagship series that blurs the line between mix-CD and artist album. “I’ve been quite busy working on the third installment of the Involver series, actually,” he causally reveals in the interview. “So far, its sound is closer to the first one than the second one.”

Sasha also outlines what makes the Involver concept unique. “It’s just my take on the evolution of the DJ compilation,” he says. “For the first one I had signed a deal to do a compilation, but I felt like I needed to do something more than just mix a few tracks together and make a good mix. So instead, I got the parts, the stems, of the songs I wanted to use, and kind of remixed and reedited them, and turned the whole thing into a hybrid of a DJ compilation, a remix album and an album of my own productions.

“The first two were received very well; people constantly were asking me if I was going to do another one. So when it came around to thinking of what I wanted to do this year, a new one seemed like the logical choice.”


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Onijin said on the 20th Feb, 2012

So, going by sounding more like the first Involver, a return to prog breaks?


LavyP said on the 20th Feb, 2012

Best news of the year


Euphoria85 said on the 21st Feb, 2012

thank fuck!! finally some decent music will be coming out!


cohen0071 said on the 19th Mar, 2013

Does anyone know the name of the track that plays from the 3 min 40 sec mark to the 7 min 35 sec mark, and the track that follows?