Playground Weekender on refunds, debts & an uncertain future

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Following on from the statement on refunds from Green Tix, Playground Weekender has just released this statement.

“Despite three days of entertainment being provided, Playground Weekender is now entering in to the second stage of the refund process. Cancellation of the festival was directed by the New South Wales State Emergency Service under extraordinary circumstances and the unforseen weather conditions. Playground Festivals is working with various parties and urgently working through legal channels to ensure the best result for all ticketholders, and we will have more information next week.

Andy Rigby, Playground Weekender Promoter, comments:

“Last year, we took the difficult decision to restructure the business and write off personal and business debts in excess of $1.5M to give the company a stable financial footing for the future. Playground Weekender went through a restructure prior to the 2012 event being announced, the festival is now owned by Playground Festivals Pty Ltd. Playground Festivals Pty Ltd put on the 2012 event and has now unfortunately been confronted with a natural disaster.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed putting on the event for the last six years, even though at times it has been a real battle. At present, it is too early to tell whether there will be a Playground Weekender in 2013.