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Kicking off this Friday 9 March is the ‘Art of Vengance’ tour from Soma Corp impresario Aril Brikha. The producer recently reissued his defining album Deeparture In Time with a new disc of previously-unreleased material from that era, so he’s got plenty of fuel for a hypnotic live set. We threw some questions his way via email ahead of the first show.

When I interviewed you in 2008, you said that you often find with albums that only a handful of the tracks grab you. What’s your approach to the album format; do you think about it as a whole or more a collection of individual tracks?
Well, back in the days it was basically a collection of tracks being made during a period of time which got collected onto one CD. I haven’t made an album since 2007 and I’m probably not going to in a while, or at least until I find a project that inspires me to make into an album. For now I’m happy just doing EPs with a strong profile/artwork/idea…and keep it short and sweet.

Some producers I’ve spoken to say they can feel a bit restricted by the live show format – how do you keep the live set interesting for yourself? Is it a matter of always adding new parts?
Yes, I would say it’s a matter of adding new parts. When I make a new track I always bounce it into my live set first so I can see how it fits in with my current productions. It’s also a great way to figure out the actual arrangement of the track. I don’t really have a fixed live set that is prepared so it depends on the crowd, the vibe and what mood I’m in.

Can you tell us a bit about running your own label Art of Vengeance and what freedoms it allows you?
Basically having total control over a label allows me to do whatever I want. I’m in control of the music, the choice of the tracks and the artwork. I think I’ve spent more time on the artwork for each release than on the music! My approach is to do whatever kind of music I want, no matter the tools I have at my disposal. I would make music on a Casio toy synth if that’s all I had.

What was the motivation behind the Deeparture In Time re-release, or how did you find the experience of returning to it?
I wanted to do a 10 year anniversary remix project for Groove la Chord back in 2008, but some unexpected events came up, involving an Israeli colleague, which became such big news that I decided to put the whole project on hold. Last thing I wanted was for people to think that I did that to get attention for a future release.

Once things calmed down though I re-visited the idea again, at which stage the album was turning 10 years old. I figured why not do the whole album as a re-release/remix project in celebration of its 10 year anniversary? So this re-release features tracks from the original release, like Groove la Chord, as well as un-released tracks that were made during the same period.

What convinces you to take on a remix job – is there something in particular you’re looking for in the track?
In general I don’t like to do remixes. Especially doing a remix on some kind of minimal track just doesn’t make sense to me! For me to get interested in doing a remix the original really needs to have a vocal. In fact, I would say nowadays I only take on vocal tracks.

Friday 9 March – Royal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday 10 March – Bar Soma, Brisbane
Sunday 11 March – The Clubhouse, Canberra
Saturday 17 March – One22, Sydney

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