#trancefamily rages over dubstep at ASOT 550

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Hell has no fury like a trance fan scorned. Over in Los Angeles, hometown hero DJ Fei Fei has stirred up a whinge-storm by playing ‘dubstep’ on the A State Of Trance 550 stage at the Beyond Wonderland festival.

The DJ opened the arena (and the live broadcast) with tracks from artists like Borgore, DJ Icey, Nero and Skrillex: not your typical reach-for-the-lasers fare. Certainly her set was a different proposition from the DJs that followed, including Arty, Aly & Fila, Gareth Emery and of course Armin van Buuren. “Are you retarded?” reads on typical post on her Facebook page. “Playing dubshit on ASOT?? WTF?”

Armin himself was a little more diplomatic in the broadcast. “I think it’s an interesting sound,” he said. “It’s definitely very big here in L.A. at the moment. This is dubstep, right? Pretty interesting.”

There was no apology from Fei Fei after stepping off the stage: “I say good music is good music, and I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want to do.”

UPDATE: In an interview with the L.A. Weekly blog this week, Fei Fei said she was surprised by the vehement response. “My set was unexpected, yes, but I didn’t think I was gonna be receiving death threats on my Facebook. That’s harsh.”

1. Style of Eye – Devastate
2. Hot Pink Delorian – The Revenge of Sisyphus
3. Borgore – Flex (Document One Remix)
4. Emalkay – Flesh & Bone (The Others Remix)
5. Soap Dodgers – Rachel Went South
6. Dani Dimitri – Revelations (A.Paul Remix)
7. Dismantle – Computation
8. DJ Icey – Push Play
9. Klrgrm – Leveled
10. Habstrakt & Mad – Funk Yo
11. Culprate – Sodden
12. Big Kids – Drums In Your Chest (DJ Wonder Remix)
13. Taiki & Nulight – Coming Up
14. David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Sia – Wild One Two
15. Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)
16. Mind Vortex – Hot Box
17. Nero – Must Be the Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)
18. Jantsen, Dirt Monkey – Ziggy
19. Tyga – Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg)
20. Des McMahon – Albino Ass Slap
21. Skrillex – Bangarang
22. Killagraham – Drop It
23. Felguk – Bassive
24. Dream – Go Hard
25. Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up
26. Plastikman – Spastik
27. Laxx – Sharki
28. Fei-Fei – Mosh Pit
29. Fei-Fei – ID
30. Fei-Fei feat. Dom Liberati – Love Drunk (Original Mix – Live)
31. Fei-Fei feat. Molly Jenson – This Is Our Night (Proper Villains Remix)
32. Fei-Fei – Hellion



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Tribe said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Ear cancer. It just keeps spreading.


Erns1991 said on the 19th Mar, 2012

read through that tracklist and noticed benga into plastikman....


narcism said on the 19th Mar, 2012

HAHA god forbid another genre be played at such a trance institution!!


G-TECH said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Dub step at a trance event. There must be hundreds of trance dj's out there that would love the opportunity to play at an event like this, why would Fei Fei think it is a good idea to play this garbage at a trance event.

DJ KnightSA

DJ KnightSA said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Welp, you can bring the trance fans to another genre but you can't make them listen.


simonb said on the 19th Mar, 2012

rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin so surely brostep belongs at a trance event


sizmos said on the 19th Mar, 2012

what a piece of crap set, and for number 550 u think they would be celebrating trance, not killing it, trance 2.0 sound is already bad enough, now this... why cant trance just go back to what synaesthesia sounds like?


YossarianIsSane said on the 19th Mar, 2012

I'm going to play 2000's euro trance at the next DnB event I manage to snare a set at. Good music is good music. Fuck you, I do what I want.


SANDSLASH said on the 19th Mar, 2012



robbz_69 said on the 19th Mar, 2012

slut, and i bet she got her name from cowboy bebop too, blasphemy!!!


VanillaFace said on the 19th Mar, 2012

I like dubstep but you go to a trance event to hear just that; trance. I'd be pretty pissed too if I were them. It's cool to mix it up a bit, but throwing maybe one dubstep track in would be enough imo. Any more than that and you're detracting from and undermining the experience that they're trying to create.


blox_party said on the 19th Mar, 2012

haha suck it up trance knobs


MikeG said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Wish people would be a little more open minded.


deaman said on the 19th Mar, 2012

theres not even one trance song in that set... even the songs that have a bit of a trance influence doesnt even sound a bit trancey... the whole set seems a bit confused doesnt kno what she wants to express... she wants to be diffrent by playing dubstep at a trance party but it looks like she's just following the trend of whats cool at the moment.

im fine with mixing different genres... but im sure a good dj could of put some other dubstep tracks into a trance context and made it really trancey... she could of been more professional about it all


Fledz said on the 19th Mar, 2012

I really dislike the whole #trancefamily movement, I stopped (mostly) listening to trance a number of years ago, I have no issues with many different genres but let's be honest here, what a clusterfuck. Every event has some sort of music policy and you would think that ASOT would be quite far away from dubstep.

Were their reactions childish? Yeah sure, but they were warranted. That set in no way, shape or form fits in with anything ASOT related, whether it be from years ago when it started or whatever is features on it these days.

Of course Armin is being diplomatic, what else would he do? I'd bet my house on the fact that he probably isn't all too happy either.


dry_air said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Good on her! These type events are so predictable. Over it.


khaiyin said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Arty does a good job of mixing 1 or 2 dubstep songs into a trance/house set.
But people are paying to hear trance at this event. It's quite insulting and ignorant to go 80% dubstep.


sifu02 said on the 19th Mar, 2012

DJ Fei Fei...worst dj name ever!


ezza69 said on the 19th Mar, 2012

^ She looks asian, and I know a few Indonesians that have the name first name and surname


Wowk said on the 19th Mar, 2012

It's not like the music the other artists on the lineup played would have been any better.


Achal said on the 19th Mar, 2012

I love these guys on their fucking high horses. Looking down on trance listeners as though they're so open minded. It's only because the #trancefamily is so big that it get's attention.


w8_2008 said on the 19th Mar, 2012

I really don't see why some people react like it's the end of the World, lol

I'm a Trance fan at heart but nothing wrong with a bit of dubstep .. as they say, any PR is good PR and now 'everyone's' talking about ASOT 550 :p


d_appleseed said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Booking a Dubstep DJ for a Trance gig? Sounds like a Promoter fail to me.


d_appleseed said on the 19th Mar, 2012

... correction, Brostep DJ. Epic fail then ^_^


angy said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Sadly, this is true. I was reading the comments on Facebook on Saturday and fasepalming. Sounds like the DJ was an dope who had no idea how to tailor her set for the occasion (and maybe win people over), but still... The #trancefamily has a collective IQ of a small child.


creaturedreams said on the 19th Mar, 2012

quite disrespectful. i mean the crowd is paying a fair bit, particularly for a more trance orientated set/event. she was also invited most likely by armin himself. so to say she'll play whatever the fuck she wants.. is just silly.


stoydgen said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Armin: "Don't be a prisoner of your own style"
Ruben: "I think it's fresh"
Armin: Still coming up if you're into the REAL TRANCEY sound"

AvB is all class haha.

Its Zyzz

Its Zyzz said on the 19th Mar, 2012

whats wrong with dubstep! they should rename the event to A STATE OF DUB ! armin is soo old school his even failing at top 100 dj mag... trance is dieing.. dubstep lives.!


B_e_de said on the 19th Mar, 2012

I don't go to a metal gig to hear indie pop, so why would a trance fan go to ASOT to hear Drubstep?


Ethereal1 said on the 19th Mar, 2012

Well i had Fei-Fei guest mix on my show, and she doesn't play as much trance as she used to. But the fact was she was never a trance DJ. She's chinese btw ASIAN PRIDE!!!


tweebs said on the 19th Mar, 2012

DJ 101: Know your crowd. Plenty of scope to get trance fans moving with stuff like Araabmusik, Kuedo, early Nero, even some Deadmau5 gear. But Boregore? Arty's fluffy bullshit must've sounded even more ridiculous than usual following that.


ravelikespastic said on the 19th Mar, 2012

That picture looks awesome, id love to be running around there listening to trance.

Wubstep is the worst, playing Skrillex tracks among Gareth/Armin - wtf were you tihkning???


B_e_de said on the 19th Mar, 2012

So she's a bandwagon DJ that has no identity of her own outside of emanating whatever is the latest craze at the time?

I suppose she doesn't want to be credible and wants to be INCREDIBLE right?


theHordern said on the 20th Mar, 2012

pretty sure armin would've been livid.


SANDSHREW said on the 20th Mar, 2012

Eat Shit Taxis Combined. You Ruined My Fucking Bat Mitzvah.


daverh said on the 20th Mar, 2012

Classic Fei Fei. (?)


rachelom said on the 20th Mar, 2012

I don't have a problem with dubstep but I do have a problem with it being played at A State of TRANCE!! People pay money to go & listen to trance. I would have been angry too.
Maybe she didn't want to get booked again...


katiecunningham said on the 20th Mar, 2012

You're not as good as the real Sandshrew, "Sir Trolls Alot".


Mickstah said on the 20th Mar, 2012

%u201CThe bad girl brings it hard and heavy with the FEI-STEP: Big room bass infused with trance and electro%u201D

Taken from her website%u2014she even contradicts herself.


jamwildway said on the 20th Mar, 2012

Dubstep is where its at, Trance is so late 90's. No one even likes trance anymore, look at Sublime's main room for example. Trance used to be good but we have so much variety now. There will never be another Born Slippy, For An Angel or Darude to dominate the airwaves again!!!


deepbeetzz said on the 20th Mar, 2012

I played a Dj Icey remix of a PvD track in a trance set once, but it worked and this was years and years ago. Bro-step garbage at an ASOT isnt quiet right. I guess the term dubstep is lost for ever though, im only using the term bass music now to describe the actually high quality post dubstep stuff around these days, ie Martyn, 2562, Pinch, Untold, Peverlist. Pinch's recent Fabric is still on high rotation.


LavyP said on the 20th Mar, 2012

Not a bad set to play in Future music festival at 1.15 PM. But ASOT, hahaha crucified.


dirtydoge said on the 22nd Mar, 2012

this is dubstep right? pretty shit!!!!


plan-b said on the 22nd Mar, 2012

This and people booing David Guetta at the DJ Mag Top 100 is a prime example of what's wrong with today's "trance" fans.

She played dubstep at a trance event, is that really the biggest thing going on in your life right now? Here's a tip: build a bridge and get over it


plan-b said on the 22nd Mar, 2012

At least she's copping it on the chin instead of having a cry about it like other DJs have done in the past.


macc4 said on the 22nd Mar, 2012

trance is going through a heavy period