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With memories of their Future Music Festival sets still fresh in the mind, Chase & Status has just released the Australian-only tour edition of No More Idols. The new package includes a brand-new full-length DVD of the band’s show at London’s Brixton Academy in 2011. With MC Rage out front and a cast of special guests including Tinie Tempah, the concert film is likely to get fans riled up all over again. We spoke to Chase & Status briefly during the Future Music Festival tour to hear how they went from DJ duo to raucous live juggernaut.

Coming from a DJ background, you guys have built a tight live unit. Can you tell us how that started?
Our manager said why don’t you guys take it to the next level and do what you do in a band? We looked at acts like The Prodigy and Pendulum, who’ve set a precedent for what you can achieve in a band set-up. So we started to develop the idea. We recruited Andy Gangadeen, who’s just a drumming legend and we were very lucky to have him.

The live show has got us onto different stages rather than just the dance tent at festivals. Those different crowds and responses just became addictive. When we were writing the tracks for No More Idols, we were thinking, are these going to work at Glastonbury? It’s definitely shaped the way we produce music as well. The goal now is to get the next album done.

We’re doing a lot more festivals in Europe this summer; last year, we did like 50 in the UK. We’re very excited to start introducing new music into the set. That’s always a big moment. There’s that thing at a festival where the frontman goes, “We’re going to try something off the new album!” And it’s like, no, just play the classics. It’s a testing moment playing a song that no one has ever heard before.

So how does DJing fit in to the equation now?
DJing really keeps us in touch with what’s happening. It’s nice to DJ in a club of a few hundred people; you know, a sweaty little box. Playing to thousands of people in an arena is of course magical, but you sometimes crave that club feeling.

It was interesting to see you play before Skrillex at Future Music Festival: you have this beefy live show, and then he rolls up with just a couple of SD cards…
Yeah, I’m almost a bit bitter! No, only joking. He’s such a character, Sonny, as well as being a phenomenally talented producer. He’s such an infectious guy, the way he speaks on the mic. As we were watching him he got on the mic and said, “Be careful, don’t hurt anyone down there! I love you all!” It’s a bit different from what we do. Our frontman makes everyone go absolutely crazy.

No More Idols: Tour Edition is out now through Universal Music.

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