DJ Sneak takes on the Swedish House Mafia

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If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about house original DJ Sneak over the years, it’s that he’s never one to mince words. From speaking his mind on David Guetta to inthemix through to his assessment of Paris Hilton’s dance music career, you can always count on straight-talking from Sneak. The latest target in his sights: the Swedish House Mafia.

In an interview with DJ Mag that has done the rounds this weekend, the ‘house gangster’ says of the Swedish trio: “It’s a sad thing when the Swedish House Mafia is being paid big money to come to the US to play house music,” he quipped. “For the record, they do not play house music.” A wave of support for his comment came from other artists like Nick Curly, Joakim, Dave Clarke and Art Department.

Felix da Housecat, however, wasn’t impressed by the swipe, writing on Twitter: “Couldn’t imagine Prince telling MJ or Madonna telling Springsteen or Cyndi Lauper telling Thom Yorke what’s cred and not STUPID!”

Sneak then took his thoughts to Twitter, which promoted a reply from Swedish House Mafioso Steve Angello: “It’s stupid of you calling out people like that on Twitter. We always respected you but you show a side that’s fucked up.” And this is what followed…

Following Sneak’s comments, Defected boss Simon Dunmore also waded in to voice similar feelings about the Swedes. Sebastian Ingrosso responded to Dunmore: “Simon you just distributed our labels and made money and you hate our fake music? I wonder who’s fake!!!!????” And on it goes, as you can imagine.

Sneak last divided opinion with his lengthy protest to Soundwall about the state of house. “Most so-called producers are just slapping shit together, or better yet, paying people to slap it together, and then expecting some credit for stuff they do not even put any input into creating,” he fumed. “I feel that it’s not really about the music or the content, it’s all about creating some pop shit track that gets played and supported even though it sounds like crap.”

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damdamodam said on the 2nd Apr, 2012

Steve Angellos reply from Twitter:
People like different things and that's positive. Imagine if we would all be in ibiza listening to mozart .. Its way of life , things change for the good and for the worse. Instead of bitching about it do something about it , if you think the music sucks make better music and build a fan base and do your thing with the strength of your brand .. Too many stand on the sideline commenting on the game. Join it , own it and go all in .. Its easy to throw up on others and and easy to tell people their music suck , and easy to say it was better back then ... I use to play vinyl from the day I got my decks in 1994 I'm happy I did that. Most of the guys out there has never seen decks and has never made music or run a label for 10 years. I've done it all and still do it. The game won't change cause people complain the game changes when people join it. So stop bitching on my conversation with Dj Sneak and start where we started. We're artists and have things to tell eachother.he might hate me and what I do but in the end of the game not everyone can like everything. I just think its immature to do it on twitter when we can do it in the end of the day its all about music and no beef. That's what dance music is about and that's why its the biggest music genre out there. We built this together and we'll sink it together if we continue to handle success as kids. I die for this and dedicated my whole life to it. Doesn't matter if you like me or not I'll continue this jurney with the love we have from our fans and we'll never stop ! That's it .. Just dropped this convrsation and already wasted way to much time on it .. Much Love -S A

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