Tomorrowland 2012 ticket on-sale details

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UPDATE [SATURDAY 7 APRIL]: As expected, tickets sold swiftly. From ID&T: At this moment we are processing orders, most types of tickets will be sold out shortly. However, there might still be a small number of day tickets available.


Last week, inthemix reported on the massive demand for Tomorrowland 2012 tickets during the presale for Belgian residents. With 250,000 people reportedly joining the queue for just 80,000 presale tickets, it’s little wonder ticket provider Timoco couldn’t hold up.

This Saturday 7 April is the worldwide ticket onsale date, and we know there are a whole lot of you with plans to go. ID&T has moved to another ticket provider, Paylogic, to “guarantee a better and more fluent worldwide ticket sales procedure for Tomorrowland”.

Tickets go on sale at 11am Saturday 7 April CEST, which is Saturday 7 April at 7pm EST for all hopeful Australian ticket buyers. Stay tuned to the Tomorrowland Facebook page for updates and make sure to bookmark the Paylogic site. What is still unclear is whether Paypal can be used and if a registration for Paylogic is necessary, but further clarification from ID&T is expected.

In the words of one Facebook fan: “I will never be so focused on my computer screen.” Check out the 2012 line-up so far.


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Stocko12 said on the 5th Apr, 2012

Tickets to this would be like tickets to Jessica Alba's lady bits.


MaxmillianZ said on the 6th Apr, 2012

i wanna goo!!! even if its the one in NY .. lol my friend is goin to belgium =( LOL .. nxt year !! haha 8)
DALE~ i gotta work hard to play harder

Dr Ranga

Dr Ranga said on the 7th Apr, 2012

Btw if any of you are freaking out because the timer on the website says that tickets should be on sale, don't panic. The timer runs off your computers clock. Bastards.


mind_gutter said on the 7th Apr, 2012

Got my tix!!!!! WOOOOOO! Bring on July I say!

Dr Ranga

Dr Ranga said on the 7th Apr, 2012

The only thing that could make tonight any better would be if Sandshrew/Sandslash purchased tickets.

Dr Ranga

Dr Ranga said on the 7th Apr, 2012

They sold out in under an hour...


mr200sx said on the 8th Apr, 2012

Cant wait for this!!!! Got our tix last night. Can anyone recommend a hotel to stay at thats close by??


Soloman said on the 8th Apr, 2012

got my ticket.. fuck yeah going to tomorrowland!!!