Steve Angello on haters: "It's pretty funny stuff"

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From getting in a fight with Paris Hilton’s bodyguard to his online scuffles with DJ Sneak, Steve Angello has never been one to stifle his opinions. One topic he often returns to is the culture of ‘haters’ online: for example, the fans who tore into him after his performance at Dance Valley last year. Now Angello has taken to his Facebook page to vent some frustrations/offer some life advice. His gripe? Internet lurkers who tell him he’s sold out.

“It’s funny how people can tell what you love or not,” he wrote. “I find it strange since I’m the only one that actually know what I feel or love! Unless it’s some magic internet thing where everyone knows what’s going on in your head…No one is forcing you or holding a gun to your head telling you to go places or do things, it’s up to each and every one of us individually to make a choice based on what’s best for us, if we are controlled based on what other people think we can stop living! You do what’s best for you.”

But hey, it’s not just dance music, says Steve. “Sometimes when I’m bored I read reviews of restaurants, movies or anything else I cross paths with and all comments always end up in a fight about people telling other people that what they actually like is shit…it’s hilarious…take any site that has a ‘comments’ section and give it a 20 minute read. It’s pretty funny stuff!”

Well, inthemix has a ‘comments’ section, so we guess you should have a trawl around here if you’re in need of a laugh.


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Silkyyy said on the 11th Apr, 2012

He was a guest editor on here so he might actually read this...


JackT said on the 11th Apr, 2012

Good point! These could be his favourite comments.


sounds_echoed said on the 11th Apr, 2012

I guess the problem stems from the fact that he labels his music something which is not. It's fine if he just did his own thing. Angello probably wouldn't have people like DJ Sneak criticise him if he did his own thing but because he considers himself to be doing something that isn't what it really is or the best, people have a right to have a go at him. It's just that the added fame he's getting for misleading the mass saying he DJs 'proper' house music etc. is what the problem really is.


SlicyDicer said on the 11th Apr, 2012

Why do SHM and dirty south keep doing that pitch bend drop at the end of chords? Stop doing that. Cheers.


DrugfuctDonkey said on the 11th Apr, 2012

So he didn't sell out..... he genuinely loves the shittest music in the universe. Nice.


sonicc said on the 11th Apr, 2012

People that use the term haters i hate.


slackas said on the 12th Apr, 2012

@Slicy, a LOT of people are doing it at the moment, Tommy Trash, Nicky Romero, others... its ok in small doses..


daverh said on the 12th Apr, 2012

Steve's DJing attire looks like old pyjamas. Discuss.


technoterrorist said on the 12th Apr, 2012

Not sure if I am happy with the term pyjamas in the true sense of the word. Aren't they more like progressive pyjamas or trance pyjamas? They are definitely NOT proper old school pyjamas


theHordern said on the 12th Apr, 2012

steve angello on heaters: "sometimes when i get cold in stockholm, i turn my heater on, and it always ends up in a fight with my roommate about the electric bill, because what he likes is shit...its hilarious...take any heater that was a 'high' setting and give it a 20 minute steam. its pretty warming stuff!


33brownbear said on the 12th Apr, 2012

@james223 ..potatos gon' potate


Morecowbell said on the 12th Apr, 2012

Steve Angello hating on haters again. Lock the guy in a room with Deadmau5 for a while, they could bitch and moan to their hearts' content.