Pete Tong: "Don’t sell out dance music to big business"

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Enduring DJ and BBC Radio 1 host Pete Tong has weighed in on America’s ‘EDM’ boom in a column for Music Week, warning that big money could corrupt the scene. The fervour around the dance culture (and the ever-mounting pay-packets) is reminiscent of the ‘90s superstar DJ boom in the UK, a time Tong clearly remembers well. His column, which you can read in full online, was written in the wake of a “hugely successful ten days in Miami”, where the DJ witnessed the spectacular scale of Ultra Music Festival and the Winter Music Conference.

“How times have changed,” he writes. “This summer Avicii, Afrojack and Kaskade are all doing 30-plus date arena tours, as Las Vegas hotels boast 50 exclusive DJ residencies and 300,000 people are predicted to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival in June. Whilst David Guetta’s success story follows reasonably conventional industry rules it’s incredible to think that Swedish House Mafia – who haven’t yet made an artist album – look set to fill the Milton Keynes Bowl in July.”

The risk of all this excitement, Tong writes, is the interest from corporates looking to cash in (by now you might’ve got a sly chuckle out of our article photo). “Success inevitably attracts attention – and now numerous extremely wealthy individuals, big business and VC funds are eager to buy into the EDM action. If allowed to run riot with their corporate machinery, these same people will destroy the scene. Wikipedia the word ‘stampede’ and I think you’ll get the picture. Now is the time for those involved to sharpen up and play their very best game; to develop the scene steadily, keeping it true to its roots.”

Later, he adds: “The money at stake now dwarfs what was on the table back then, but the history should come as a warning shot to all about selling the genre short and being seduced by cheque book-waving billionaires with no care or vision for the long-term game.”

Tong is set to revisit the topic at the Ibiza International Music Summit in late May, where he’s appearing as a presenter.


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Saliki said on the 16th Apr, 2012

It'll be the same as Rock 'n' Roll, Heavy Metal and Punk when they became enormous corporate cash-cows. Even when there's big money around, you'll still get good music. The biggest problem IMO is that big money turns many artists into self-important wankers.


angy said on the 16th Apr, 2012

Photo is so good! But he speaks the truth... so many people who have sold out shamelessly already though, simply via the route of dumbing down their sound for the sake of chasing a bigger market. Integrity needs to be there to endure in the longterm IMO...


mlirosi said on the 16th Apr, 2012

in the words of tong is the truth


excessive said on the 16th Apr, 2012

Poor old Tong only has $33.9 million left now.


SANDSLASH said on the 16th Apr, 2012



home_spun said on the 16th Apr, 2012

Essential reading



NismoR31 said on the 17th Apr, 2012

improved tenfold with the Must Stache chrome extension :lol: