Flo Rida ordered to pay Fat as Butter $80,000

Image for Flo Rida ordered to pay Fat as Butter $80,000

Ever wondered what it costs a festival like Heatwave or Supafest to book a mediocre rapper? Well, court documents filed by Fat As Butter festival reveal that friend-of-Guetta Flo Rida was paid a lazy $55,000 in appearance fees for his scheduled appearance at last year’s festival. However apparently that wasn’t enough for Flo to actually show up for his set, with the prima-donna rapper chucking a hissy fit and bailing on the festival just hours before the show.

Flo Rida, aka Tramar Dillard, has now been ordered by Judge Judith Gibson to pay back his performance fee and $25,000 in damages to the promoter Brent Lean from Mothership Music. If Dillard does not comply he will have his assets in Australia frozen; although it’s not clear what Australian assets the rapper owns.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald “despite performing in shopping centres in Sydney and Melbourne last week as part of his promotional tour, Dillard is yet to be served with the order.”