Want free stuff? Become an inthemix ambassador!

Image for Want free stuff? Become an inthemix ambassador!

It goes without saying that there’s some pretty passionate dance music fans around these parts. So if you love your music, live for festivals and like a party, then we need you! We’re looking for passionate inthemix fans to spread the word and tell other music lovers what we’re all about. In return, you’ll score free festival tickets and other goodies – sound like an okay deal?

We’ll be sending inthemix ambassadors to festivals and clubs around the country to hit the floor, hand out inthemix merch and spread the good word of ITM. Once your (short) shift is done, you’re free to join the party – it’s that simple. Of course, we’ll also be sure to load you up with plenty of freebie merch for yourself and your friends. Consider it a pretty fun and easy way to get tickets into Australia’s best festivals, clubs and shows.

To sign up, head over here to register your interest and tell us why we should pick you to fly the inthemix flag. Our first assignment will be taking place at this month’s Creamfields festival tour and we’ll picking ambassadors over the next few days, so get in quick.



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SANDSHREW said on the 18th Apr, 2012



akso said on the 18th Apr, 2012

such a wicked opportunity so must perfect 200 words before placing my entry


sillyclimber said on the 19th Apr, 2012

I have been an ambassador for ITM since 2001! Where is my free shit!

Jacob Ulliana

Jacob Ulliana said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

When do you notify entrants if they have been successful/unsuccessful?


GldGoldy said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

Guys this is the best opportunity ever. The chance to get involved with what we are all so passionate about.


mxgloria said on the 25th Apr, 2012

hopefully soon^^^
the anticipation is killing me :P


GldGoldy said on the 3rd May, 2012

Has anyone heard anything back yet?