“Fakes, charlatans & sheeple”: An A-grade rant from Mr C

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A stalwart of the London underground and a longtime DJ, Mr C has never been one to bite his tongue. Yesterday, the tech-house authority took to his Facebook for a good old-fashioned mouthing-off at DJs who use “cheap tricks” and the “sheeple” who worship them. When back in 2008 Mr C told inthemix he was “looking forward to being a bit ridiculously silly behind the decks” on his Australian tour, it seems that didn’t include raising his arms to make the crowd cheer…

“I’m feeling a little rant is in order, even though it’s not Friday,” he wrote (this was yesterday). “Just my opinion, but DJs that stand in the DJ booth with their arms raised in the air to make the crowd cheer are fakes & charlatans. It’s no more than a cheap trick to make the crowd scream which will both feed the DJ’s ego & gain the said charlatan popularity, which in turn earns more $$$$....& the sheeple that scream at this behaviour need to take a long hard look at themselves in a mirror & ask themselves why it is that they’re screaming? Wake up sheeple!

“Now here’s a novel idea, why not let the music & the delivery of it speak for itself & we’ll then see how much screaming pursues. Me, I’d much rather see the crowd really getting down, dancing with each other (not facing the DJ), being totally immersed in the music & completely captured by the groove, than see the crowd standing like sheep, looking at the DJ in adulation & screaming at these cheap tricks.

“When the atmosphere in a club is electric & the crowd are on a magical journey that is sexual, psychedelic, playful & fun, it’s because the DJ is doing his or her job correctly in helping like minded adults celebrate life with integrity & passion. Like I say, just my opinion. ;).”

In that 2008 interview with us, Mr C also talked about his aversion to easy wins as a DJ. “I’ve always stayed away from cheese, the more happy, trance-y, uplifting things,” he said. “If you listen to a Mr C set, you can see a vein running through from the 20-odd years of my DJ career.”


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