“Fakes, charlatans & sheeple”: An A-grade rant from Mr C

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A stalwart of the London underground and a longtime DJ, Mr C has never been one to bite his tongue. Yesterday, the tech-house authority took to his Facebook for a good old-fashioned mouthing-off at DJs who use “cheap tricks” and the “sheeple” who worship them. When back in 2008 Mr C told inthemix he was “looking forward to being a bit ridiculously silly behind the decks” on his Australian tour, it seems that didn’t include raising his arms to make the crowd cheer…

“I’m feeling a little rant is in order, even though it’s not Friday,” he wrote (this was yesterday). “Just my opinion, but DJs that stand in the DJ booth with their arms raised in the air to make the crowd cheer are fakes & charlatans. It’s no more than a cheap trick to make the crowd scream which will both feed the DJ’s ego & gain the said charlatan popularity, which in turn earns more $$$$....& the sheeple that scream at this behaviour need to take a long hard look at themselves in a mirror & ask themselves why it is that they’re screaming? Wake up sheeple!

“Now here’s a novel idea, why not let the music & the delivery of it speak for itself & we’ll then see how much screaming pursues. Me, I’d much rather see the crowd really getting down, dancing with each other (not facing the DJ), being totally immersed in the music & completely captured by the groove, than see the crowd standing like sheep, looking at the DJ in adulation & screaming at these cheap tricks.

“When the atmosphere in a club is electric & the crowd are on a magical journey that is sexual, psychedelic, playful & fun, it’s because the DJ is doing his or her job correctly in helping like minded adults celebrate life with integrity & passion. Like I say, just my opinion. ;).”

In that 2008 interview with us, Mr C also talked about his aversion to easy wins as a DJ. “I’ve always stayed away from cheese, the more happy, trance-y, uplifting things,” he said. “If you listen to a Mr C set, you can see a vein running through from the 20-odd years of my DJ career.”



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Oli-G said on the 20th Apr, 2012

Who is he?

He is a total legend!

You gotta love Mr C.. :D

special ed

special ed said on the 20th Apr, 2012

Mr C?, Uk DJ, used to be in the Shamen? , did the track, eberrneezer goode?...no??
yeah, im showing my age

anyway, He's 100% right but the sad thing is that DJs with that mentality are a rare breed these days.

but, i guess that the reason that there is the great divide in dance music. When i was in my DJ prime I used to believe that music was far more important than the 'entertainment factor', I still do.
But thousands and thousands of dance music fans around the world think otherwise these days


daveyjaye said on the 20th Apr, 2012

use to run End Recordings. last time he was here he was pretty crap. Phil K followed him and schooled the whole crowd. standard.

special ed

special ed said on the 20th Apr, 2012

^ that is true, he can talk the talk., but he's not that crash hot of a dj


Wouldz said on the 20th Apr, 2012

He's right, but that doesn't mean that he will change anything about DJ culture especially in Australia and America.


sonicc said on the 20th Apr, 2012

Ive stayed away from cheesa ebaneeza


Clint84 said on the 20th Apr, 2012

rubbish.... somewhat disagree here.... a dj is not just a jukebox, they're a performer, that involves connecting with the crowd....nothing pisses me off more then the army of djs these days that look motionless behind the booth and like they want to kill themselves, this is like saying Jimi Hendrix used to jump around too much, should just stand still and let people immerse themselves in the music. STUPID


sonicc said on the 20th Apr, 2012

He also part owned the The End Club with Layo Paskin form Layo & Bushwacka fame. Hows that for knowledge geezas


GrEnNo said on the 20th Apr, 2012

his last only vinyl set in the cave was epic! one of my favorites just for the pure awesome tracks he was playing! could not stop dancing all night!


SANDSLASH said on the 20th Apr, 2012

And then the titans of greece held up the earth and began to suck the colon juice


daverh said on the 20th Apr, 2012

I'm all for a rant but this sounds more like sour grapes more than anything.

special ed

special ed said on the 20th Apr, 2012

a dj isn't a jukebox at all. period
yes, totally agree on the performance aspect. but pressing play and standing behind the decks in a jesus pose, is what he's taking about.
getting into to the music yourself and connecting with the crowd that way, is a different story


SlicyDicer said on the 20th Apr, 2012

Stopped reading it at the first use of sheeple


DTrancer said on the 20th Apr, 2012

read everything he said in ebeneezer rap mode. was entertaining


angy said on the 20th Apr, 2012

I'm with Daverh, useless rant IMO. He's got nothing to say here...


slackas said on the 20th Apr, 2012

Some people really shouldn't be allowed to step onto the soap box.


sifu02 said on the 20th Apr, 2012

Mr C speaks the truth!


412nv said on the 20th Apr, 2012

How are you a fake for raising your hands in the air to connect with the crowd. Also he looks like a pedo in the header image.


Morecowbell said on the 21st Apr, 2012

I can't take an old dude with an earring seriously. What does he expect people to do when a great track creeps in, the twist?
Maybe it's a legit dig at the over-performance of many DJs these days but honestly, it just comes across as bitter and jaded.

Imagine if Sven Vath stood with his arms by his sides for a six hour set.


angy said on the 21st Apr, 2012

This. Charisma and energy matters, each individual has their own approach, but this is a shit rant from someone who's sounding irrelevant.


ALSTARK said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

Mr C is a total legend of a DJ. Anyone who saw him at The End would know that.

Now, has anyone got any Veras...?


Oli-G said on the 26th Apr, 2012

He plays top tunes for sure.


Royal said on the 21st May, 2012

The attitude of the children here illustrates the dire situation we have thanks to all the pop-house artists out there.


ItsFluff said on the 6th Sep, 2012

Jesus. You're no saint, Mr. C. Why not spend more time producing and less time ranting? Let people act how they want on stage. Who are you to decide what's cheap? And calling fans sheeple...fuck you.