Sub Focus builds a bigger, better live set-up

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The last time we saw Sub Focus down here, he was leading the bass contingent at Stereosonic with a slick live set-up. The producer was perched inside a ‘disc’ ringed with LEDs which pulsed in time with the basslines. “It excites me what you can do with technology now,” he told us ahead of the tour. “I had some motion sensors built bespoke for the show. They’re sort of like Theremins, so I move my hand and they bring in sounds. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s fun.”

Now the UK star has upgraded his live show to an even more impressive rig, and he’s taking it on the road in 2012. The set-up was debuted at the UKF Bass Culture party in London back in March, where Sub Focus headlined alongside Chase & Status. That night wasn’t all smooth-sailing, as he told Contact Music. “It all came together really close to the wire with equipment going wrong. For example I’ve started using iPads to help me during the shows and one of them froze about a minute before I went on stage and we suffered a bit of a technical nightmare. We’ve ironed all these problems out since though so hopefully we won’t suffer from the same sort of problems again.”

Over the last two weekends, he’s also staged the impressive new show in the Mojave Tent at Coachella. Renowned DJ photographer Rukes was on the ground in Indio, California, and he passed these photos over to inthemix from the festival. What do you think?


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bubbawatson said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

yep was there for this set. had some tech difficulties for a while which sucked. had to power down his whole rig and reboot it. felt bad for the guy. after that it was epic though


TwiztedBlue said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

Looks like a mad display!


Weinertron said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

looks hot. Always loved that Subfocus style back in my DnB days... might check this one out if comes to town (and not at a festival plz)


SANDSLASH said on the 23rd Apr, 2012



SANDSHREW said on the 24th Apr, 2012



thesuntoucher said on the 24th Apr, 2012

Looks sick! Can't wait to see it soon in Aus


khas said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Holy win! I'd like to see the full range of effects he has going on. Looks great but obviously leaves us wanting more. Give me hyperspace!