Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix pushed back to May

Image for Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix pushed back to May

Prodigious New Yorker Nicolas Jaar has been on a hot streak ever since he sent The Student to Wolf+Lamb co-founder Gadi Mizrahi, and his debut album Space Is Only Noise was one of 2011’s best. It’s no surprise, then, that there was a considerable buzz around his booking for Pete Tong’s Essential Mix. On the road, Jaar performs live on his own or with a band, but we don’t see much of his skills as a selector. Sadly the two-hour session scheduled for the weekend was postponed, without much by way of explanation.

“We’re sorry to say we’re unable to bring you Nicolas Jaar’s mix tonight,” the station announced on the Essential Mix Facebook page. “He will appear in May.” Instead, listeners got a re-run of Rustie’s shapeshifting mix from earlier in April, which featured tracks from the likes of Lunice, Surkin and Hudson Mohawke alongside pop cameos from Nicki Minaj, Destiny’s Child and Drake.

We recall a similar last-minute reschedule happening when James Blake was booked for his Essential Mix debut. Something about precocious young stars, perhaps? Stay tuned for the new time to hear Jaar at the controls.